Keanu Reeves' Man Of Tai-Chi



Looks nice, didn’t know that he was a fan of martial arts.


He’s a better actor in real life than he is in movies.

Let that wrap around your mind.


I think he could be awesome for this. He’s always sort of talked in slow motion, which leads me to believe he thinks in slow motion. Perfect for a Tai-Chi movie director



All glory to Lord Reeves.



Ow o_O

This looks alright.
Keanu Reeves.
He’s no Liam Neeson
But he’s been to the Matrix
And he knows Kung-Fu.

I say bring it! :tup:




Sounds like some Marilyn Monroe stuff.



I’m a sucker for martial arts films being black and all. Looking forward to it.


This is what leads to food delivery men getting killed.


Camera technology is more interesting to me than him trying to remind us that he knows kung fu.


Exactly. I would love to get my hands on that technology.


What happened to Cowboy Bebop?


ive heard good things about this from the hardcore martial arts people.



You’ll notice his moves got more fluid in the second and third Matrix movies.

First Matrix: scrubby spinning crescent kicks (for when you want to do spinning kicks like the big boys, but lack balance and flexibility), choppy, jerky punch/block/counter sequences.

Reloaded and Revolutions: actual spinning heel kicks, fluid punch/block/counter exchanges. He definitely learned something from the guy that trained the actors for that series.


no a spinning crescent actually uses more flexibility than a proper karate style hook. because its a wider more circular motion, using more hip motion. people do it as a more cheated hook for them not having the time to learn a proper hook. a good proper hook takes alot more time to learn than a crescent hook kick. it was most likely time restraints that made his hook bad in the first movie.


There has been a debate going on between me and The Wife for some years now. How do you say Keanu’s name? She says Key-on-ew. I say Key-on-uh. Whats right? Settle this shit once and for all.


Key on eww

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…Like the spoon, neo?