Keep away, run away, and long range zoneing is lacking right now, but

A lot of the new characters are speculated to be more based around ranged attacks, and some older characters are apparently being redone to allow a more zone based game play instead of the homogenized rush down all characters are supposed to do.

I know right now long range options are really missing from this game, where the best we have is taskmaster, magneto, and deadpool, all of who use the same basic attack to do light keep away, but really just use it to try and get plink damage while they force someone to come in and attack up close.

What I’m worried about is I feel that in response they are going to make zoning characters the best characters in the game, and any type of rushdown is going to be missed.

Cause that’s what capcom seems to do. They don’t balance things, they instead just make unpopular things more powerful and popular things less powerful.

Like phoenix and wolverine. They didn’t balance them, they just weakened them to the point they likely won’t be seeing much action anymore.


If you’re talking about Magneto, then lol.

Trish is still the strongest controller of space in this game.

I don’t really like keepaway. I seems to slow down the pace of the fight in my opinion. Really hope they don’t make it better.

Keepaway + MARVEL is a foreign concept to me. :frowning:

MvC2 had plenty of keepaway shit going on. Cable, Spiral.

The way it should work is keepaway shuts down basic rushdown, that you have to use an assist to start your rushdown.

Balances out with rushdown usually leading to ToDs where keepaway you have to wittle them down to death.

you must have not played the amount of cable players ive played… lol
in any case, theres supposed to be three type of characters and there should be an equal amount of projectile, pixie, and giant types.

keepaway in general will get beat by rushdowns. they move in to quick, youre not suppose to be able to run away fast enough because they are faster. keepway beats giants because giants are slow and cant close the distants. giants beats rushdowns because giants hits harder and rushdowns will generally go to them.

Keep away is alive and kicking in this game, but you have to be ready to fight them up close if your opponent come at you.

I mean, rushdown has to work a little hard to get in on keepaway but once it does over. And yeah, keepaway should own giants for free. And giants should make rushing them hard as fuck.

Make rushdown teams know how to block against giants and such.

Berserker Slash and the current state of teleports makes keepaway non-existent in this game.

Hawkeye seems geared toward keepaway, but Ghost Rider just seems like he’s good for putting you where he wants you, which may not be fullscreen.

Ghost Rider as well looks to be geared keepaway. Fullscreen normals? Yes please.

Dorm got some nerfs, but what piqued my interest with him is ability to do Purification in the air. That’s going to be REALLY good for his keepaway.

He has moves that pull you in for a combo. I see him as more of a zoning character. He’s trying to limit your options so that he can grab you into a combo. It isn’t that he wants to stay away from you (Read: keepaway), it’s that he tries to limit the ways you can get in, so that he can combo you.

Just my thoughts.

Also, can’t Dorm do Dark Spells in the air now too?

Yeah but then he falls down apparently unable to block. Prob still useful, but it’s air purifications that sound REALLY abusable to me :slight_smile:

Dormammu goes prone after aerial Purification, just like Dark Hole and Dark Spells. It won’t be realistically usable unless you’re in Flight, and even then you only have time to do 1 Purification before you run out of Flight time.

So, it’s a buff, but it won’t be as crazy as you think (unfortunately!).

this is damn near an “end thread” comment it is so true. teleports are the main conspirator as to why keepaway is lacking in this game… and yeah i dont just define a classic teleport such as dantes dorms and weskers as teleports… wolverines berserker slash is a teleport in my mind as is skrulls meteor smash type of move etc etc.

teleports are one of the 2 major conspirators as to why keepaway is kinda weak in this game.

the other 1 is beam supers, and it isnt just beam supers in themselves but the properties that they have, such as high damage and highest priority projectiles in the game.

its somewhat rare for a character to not have a teleport and also not have a beam super. so keepaway has pretty much always got its work cut out for it… characters that dont have a beam super and also dont have a teleprot style move are the easy to lame out characters… and funnily enough arent high tier usually for the specific reason of not having either type of move.


then you didnt watch much mvc2

Keepaway can work, you’ve just got to have a solid Plan B for when they do get in. Look at Honzo Gonzo and Dios X’s teams for a good example.

The damage is still retardedly high and characters still die in 1 or 2 bnbs. Rushdown will be fine.