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I know this game has been out for ages but I need help. I finally got XBOX Live and I actually want to start competing with PPL on CvS2. I use C-Groove Terry, Guile and Bison (is this team a stupid idea or atleast passable? I use Terry on offence and try to build meter, Guile to steady the ship and I like to think I can be pretty handy with Bison on the end to either clean things up or save the day).

Guile is my main man (or I like to think so) but I have a lot of trouble with keep away characters/tactics. I can’t seem to get close (safely) to a lot of characters who throw alot of fireballs etc. The match turns into a turtle-type affair with me throwing Sonic Booms, then a Lp. Sonic Boom followed by either a Super jump or normal jump (depending on distance) followed by jump in combo of some sort. The opponents usually blocks my attempts, either tries to combo me or retreats to start over. I’m always hoping my Sonic Booms and jump ins will make the other person lose their cool and come to me. I know most people use Guile as a zoning type character and I prefer to use him mostly on the offence trying to pin my opponent in the corner using a lot of mix-ups.

What I’m asking for your opinions on are the best ways to get close to keep-away tactics. Should I roll, dash into either a low Mk., throw etc., Sonic Booms followed by a Super Jump or Jump etc.? I know this might sound insanely simple for most to overcome but I would really appreciate some help.


Actually, I think more people like to play him as an offensive character…not really “rushdown” a la Ohnuki’s Akuma, but “rushdown” as in: “here, eat this guard crush string cause if you don’t you’re gonna get comboed.”

I believe sonic boom has a quicker recovery than fireballs, you you might want to try to throw a boom, roll/dash, block a fireball, then throw a boom to neutralize their next fireball. Blocking a fireball doesn’t hurt that much, and your options are opened up a lot more the closer you get. Once you’re in range, I’m sure that you can stuff a fireball with one of Guile’s longer-ranged moves (MAYBE s. hk/hp?)
Also, you need to learn the distance where after they throw a fireball, they can’t block your jumpin. Or you can learn the distance where after they throw a fireball, you can roll into a sonic hurricane.

Your team is not stupid.:smiley:

WOW dude! Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: I always used to just try to roll through fireballs and go back to charge/DB then roll again etc… I was always afraid to trade fireballs with qcf characters and I don’t like to just block them because it takes away from Guile’s offense obviously blocking fireballs from full screen etc… I’ve tried what you said about roll (through fireball), Sonic Boom (cancel their fireball), then when I’m able to get closer by using the other thing you said about zoning and finding out what distance I can jump in to punish their after-fireball-lag and Guile’s lack of after Sonic Boom. I like to use s.Hp (somtimes backfist when I’m not charging) and Hk and when I feel like I’m going to get rushed or followed or I want to try something different, I charge back and do the Mk jump-kick followed by a Sonic Boom etc. I find it strange sometimes how when Guile gets too close they want to get him away so bad that they eat a whole lot of Mks or Hks while I’m charging followed by Sonic Booms when trying to rush-down.

Thanks a whole heap.

guile is definitely a rushdown character, and can be most efficient if you can pull off his basic combos, something simple like c.lp c.lp flashkick, or buffer into supers, c.lp xx sonichurricane/lvl2 rush FK in C groove.

the best way to get close is to just roll through projectiles, or jump early over easily predicted ones. it can be quite annoying if you dont have JD or parry if someone just sits there and does s.Hk or c.Hp anti-airs. the best thing to do is to probably trade projectiles with a sonic boom, and if you’re close enough, follow with a f.Hk or a b.Mk, since guile’s sonic boom has a faster recovery.

from a distance, roll, but make sure you’re not within throwing distance. if people just play turtle non-stop, that means they probably suck and have no offense, and play solely on counters, in that case, roll xx super – almost always catches them.

all this is assuming you can’t roll cancel, cause then you wouldn’t have any problems :slight_smile:

i know this thread is very old, but . . .

I know this thread is old, but hopefully some Guile fans will read this. You can cancel into Sonic Hurricane from standing fierce. From an R2 Guile to another R2 character, it does about 6900 damage. It’s not that hard to pull off either. You have to flam fierce and the first toward motion. So, hit fierce and toward one RIGHT AFTER the other, then release fierce at the end of the motion. I’m explaining it this way for peole who don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m sure most seasoned players already know this combo. I just brought it up because I saw the cjab cshort xx Sonic Hurricane. I’ve never tested that one, but I’m sure FP xx Sonic Hurricane does more damage.

Also, in C groove, you can do c.forward xx Lvl 2 kick combo(either one) xx flash kick (any kick).

Guile’s crouching short kick essentially sucks. Very slow startup. I almost never use it. Now, standing, it’s very cool. You can do this: c.jab c.jab s.short xx flash kick.

Anyway, Guile’s super cool.

Too Easy!