Keep going?!

Upon reviewing my own personal Ibuki performance, I see my biggest snag is to continue once I start pumelling someone, I’ll back off and start all over again, instead of follow through and keeping on em.

Generally, if I want to be aggressive I’ll using SA3, because I know tons of ways to end chains, or rushes with it, making it my “finishing move” so-to-speak. However, when I use SA1 it’s generally a keep away, or rush, smack, and back out.

I generally do the infamous qcf+k move (“special dash”). And open with either,>>> or Cr.Fk,, s.jab>>>,,, rdp+mk, kunai/sa1.

I’m still finding new openers and approaches; jump ins and what not. Lp>Fp>S.jab>S.SP>cr.Fk>, haven’t figured out the cancel to continue it yet.

imo ibuki needs to stay in their face. no need to jump back and do whatever, because you’re going to be working to get close again.

and just simply dont use that move much, it hurts a lot of the time.

if you were actually looking for finishers if you DO hit that, well, i cant help you there, because i never use it :).

a tactic i like to do, universally to get closer is just walk and block when i see or hear an attack coming. theres no loss in that, the walk is great than the blockstun pushback, and it gets you a little closer. but dont abuse that, because they will normal then normal again and you may get caught if you’re not fast enough.

as for wakeup games if you stay out of throw distance, its pretty dangerous even though you are further. like vs ken, he cant throw you, and he cant EX srk or it’ll hit you 1 or 2 times then you can punish it. when i watch aruka and have tried it ibuki’s just goes out forward farther than it looks, and can confirm into qcb+kk or raida.

thats just my input on a standard but good enough level of play, may not work on everyone :tup:

Hmmm, after some developments of trying to rush down (and being rushed) A moderated mix up between standing jabs and, seem to keep alot of people at bay, though if a parry comes through on me, it can become devestatignly regrettful.
(The way I’m speaking is like, after jumping in and either pysching out, or actually attacking, a quick jab can help you restabilize, that jab going to the can lead straight to a raida, or qcb+k. Even without the two specials to finish it with, you can just jab again after the mk, or back out of the situation if you’re not comfortable.)

It’s definately not going to work everytime, but with Ibuki’s massive move list, there are alot of possibilities so that it actually can work most of the time, except you don’t want to jab everytime, that’ll be easily be parried after awhile.

If Ibuki could keep going, she’d be a lot better of a character. But she can’t due t inherent weaknesses, which is why she’s not. I have plenty of methods to keep the heat on, but with her low damage and low health, it’s prety risky to lay it on super thick as one good DP is usually enough to even the match if not cost you the lead. So you’re pretty much playing for stun, which is her best approach.

All the best Ibuki’s i’ve seen have attack patterns that have very defensive elements to them. You know, like the well known yet underused tactic of leading in with kunais on jump ins (I know I need to do it more).

I’ve tried for years to devise an extremely offensive, full frontal (ha) Ibuki and it looks beautiful if you get everything right 100% of the time. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself playing a very very good offense but still losing to those random lucky guesses that = big damage on Ibuki.

Unfortunately, it seems that style is reserved only for Makoto.

Well it only takes one or 2 right guesses to win with Mak so she’s in a whole nother league. You can literally scare the opponent into opening up for damage when you get her going. Ibuki still has things that Makoto doesn’t but overall it’s just her lack of really punishing damage and really low health that get to her.

It all depends on the way you play and the situation of the match. I’ll chase people down with the rush sometimes if they have 80 percent left and I have like 5. Ibuki can only create damage by being in close so you might as well work to get in despite the risk. Ibuki has a ton of tools to apply pressure with and it’s only when those tools get completely shut out should you have to worry about playing really defensively.

Characters like Ken and Chun do a good job keeping her out but if you get them to fall into patterns you can find your opening to rush and do what you want to do. You have to do a good bit more baiting attacks against them yet…getting them to attack when they’re not supposed to is what you want to be doing any ways.

Ibuki doesn’t have strong options off of low hitting moves like some of the other cast so she needs to be able to force mistakes out of the opponent in order to do damage. She doesn’t make you scared to high block like Ken and Chun do so you need to be able to get in to do what you want to do. It takes a lot of conditioning and experience but, once you get momentum it’s much easier to force those mistakes.

I’ve done that as well, with rushing in when I’m about to lose and they’re still. (And still brought out a win) Probrably because most people expect you to back off completely in that situation, causing a crap load of panicked attempts to simply ended it. (Mainly whiffed weak moves, just enough to do the job).

I’ev also noticed whether you go in fast or take it slow lays mainly upon the opponent to decide. Some people play better against the rush, while others do good against a slower player.

I still hate her lack of a direct dash. (Like a shoto dash) It’d make it so much easier to completely destroy people. That and the fact that only a handful of us actually take the time to learn her well enough to put up big fights.

I’m still also teetering between SA1 and SA3. When I have SA3, I’ve noticed people will start to worry about the overheads, letting you set up them for other attacks. But it has little surprise factor, and is pretty easy to avoid/block.

SA1 offers alot more EX chances, but the super itself isn’t the safest in the world. (Even if you hit the opponent, they can still punish you).

Well the way I see it…Ibuki doesn’t really need to use the actual SA1 super much any ways. She’s still a very solid character without the super. The super definitely has its uses but Ibuki seriously isn’t that much better of a character because of the super. There’s no way to guarantee damage from the super unless you use her unblockable setup which you can only do in the arcade version any ways. Otherwise it’s best to use the super in situations where it’s tough to be punished. Mainly against an opponent who doesn’t have a super available that can punish after being hit or time the release of the super before the opponent can throw an EX uppercut to punish. Tactics like TK SA1 help for this purpose. The angle and distance you throw SA1 is also big factor as to whether or not you can get punished after releasing the super.

Ibuki can still connect damage rather easily off of her regular normals. If she hits you with s.MK or c.LK…unless you’re a very short character you can expect it to get followed up with EX qcb+K for knockdown and decent damage. She can’t confirm c.LK like Yang can but the EX follow up is relatively safe. Which means you won’t necessarily need to confirm to begin with. Especially after a parry. Only like Necro SA3 can punish a blocked EX qcb+MK after c.LK any ways. Ken can punish with SA3 but the EX qcb+K has to hit at point blank range. If you tack on c.LK before EX he can’t punish (at least not that I’ve seen).

Yeah generally I’ll use SA1 at a distance and almost purely for the damage is causes when blocked (which is actually massive when you look at it). Otherwise SA1 is like just a “threat” device that I take advantage of. (Must like SA3).

I never thought of going from to EX qcb+k though, i should try that out…

I’ve also found that you should almost always, no matter what, when jumping in, is do either lp->fp or fp->mk (I’m not sure what the third one is) alot of people will either block/parry the first hit, but not be ready for the immediate second one, stopping them for punishing you after the parry or block. (Sounds simple but took me awhile to realize and utilize)

I think the 2 hit jump in shouldn’t be used too often. Its better to use it while mixing up. If you do it all the time eventually they’ll parry both hits which will hurt a whole lot or they’ll just expect it and just anti air you. Also the the 2 hit jump ins are easier to parry than one would think. An ex kunai is a lot harder to parry and it also has a surprisingly long block stun which you can then continue a block chain or actually combo off of it if it hits. Either way you can continue your offense.

I think its better to just empty jump when you aren’t too sure of what they’ll do. With an empty jump you can option parry if they attempt anything, if they don’t do anything just throw when you land. Or you can just land and into EX qcb+K or raida. After awhile when you have a feel for the opponent you could probably start doing the 2 hits jump in, but its always better to mix up.

I empty jump on people that I’ve noticed love to parry. With SA2 you can drop in and fry them, though I never use it. Also gives you the chance to parry whatever they’re going to do and unload on them; up close and personal.

I’m also having issues utilizing qcf+k, I try and use the short one because it seems to have a decent recovery time, letting me get just alittle closer, faster. I can’t imagine there’s a way to cancel the dash is there? (And why the hell does she take 40% more damage during it!?!?! She’s not crouching damnit!)

What exactly are your issues with it? Short one is the one you should be using most often after a cancellable poke (c.LK/sMK etc.). MK and HK dashes are useful as mix ups/baits but more prone to being punished. Even with the LK version u must be careful because tacking it on after cancelling it from an attack that hits causes a couple frames recovery. If you use it too often the opponent can reaction throw you or reverse super. Which is why you see it more often used during juggle resets where it can’t be punished. The extra damage thing…I dunno. The developers probably thought the move was gonna be broke. :lol: It definitely gives you an extra reason not to spam it.

Well, the issue is I have a hard time actually using it to continue attacking. I’ll do the short dash and be right on them, but it seems that i lose alittle time before I can attack again, giving them a chance to destroy me.

Yeah…I pretty much explained that earlier. Even though you cancelled the dash off of a normal move you’re technically not the one who is able to make the first move on the ground. Which is why it should only be used sparingly as a mix up. You’re never in the advantage in the first place so if the opponent gets used to it they can punish on reaction with throw, dp, super or anything else that executes quickly. So basically…the less you use it…the better chances of it working when you do use it. You have to have your opponent in a position where they are not expecting it so you can buy yourself those extra frames you need to get in and take advantage.

How exactly do I set up the once a match, continuous standing FKs? (Where you’ll launch em, bounce em, dash across and repeat the other direction). I’ve tried my hardest and I’m not able to continue it like I’ve seen others do it.

Just execution practice?


watch and learn ladies.

not the shitty green ken but the sick ibuki.

Quite impressive, although the bumblebee suit still frustrates me.