Keep it Classy 2 (03/17/2012 - Edmonton, Alberta)

Keep It Classy 2 (03/17/2012 - Edmonton, Alberta)
Date: Saturday March 17th 2012.
Venue Opens at 12:00 pm

Hosted by Edmonton Gamers

Registration will start at 120:0 PM Tournament will Start at 2:00 PM

Location: Over Klocked Gaming ans Computers Located @ 11618 - 119 St Edmonton, AB Off Kingsway near city center airport

Venue Fee: $15.00

Game Entry for Street Fighter x Tekken Singles: $10.00
Game Entry for Super Street Fighter IV AE: Singles: $10.00

Game Entry for Mortal Kombat: Singles $10.00
Game Entry for Blazblue Continuum Shift Ex.: Singles $10.00

Game Entry for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Singles $10.00
The King of Fighters XIII: Singles $10.00

OFFICIAL TOURNAMENTS: Super Street fighter IV AE. Mortal Kombat, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Blazblue Continuum Shift EX. Soul Caliber V. King Of fighter


General Tournament Format and Rules

All times for games will go as fallows

1:00 pm

The King of Fighters XIII
Soul Calibur V
Mortal Kombat
Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend

2:00 pm
Super Street Figther IV AE 2012
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom
Street Fighter x Tekken

coming if kof


KOF us tentative. I want to have KOF there, I`m not sure on the turn out. although I think we could have a decent number

KOF is pretty much the biggest game in Calgary right now im sure we’ll see a lot of Calgary guys coming up

I’m going there. :stuck_out_tongue:
SFxT get hype.

I’ll make sure to be here for this.

I will be making the trip from calgary with some other MK players,

I have made some changes to the tournament, I will have a full schedule soon. I have taken teams out due to fact that we will have quite a few fighting games all together and I want to have the tournament done in a reasonable time!

And yes I added KOF and SCV

Flyer added to thread!

ill be there (:

Is Altaire coming?

good luck with this

Not too sure, I’m coming with 3 diff guys.

are they all free? KIDDING!!!

lol Shujinkydink is one of them, so if anyone played him at Canada Cup and wants a salty run back this will be the time and place! Shiro i posted this at TYM as well, hope you don’t mind, not too sure how much good it will do, but you never know.

Good luck to everyone & hope all you guys have fun.

Very excited for this!

Wonder if we should do a Edmonton vs Calgary for Street FIghter X Tekken!

A time schedual has been added