Keep it Classy 2014 (03/29-30/2014 - Edmonton, Alberta)


Keep it Classy 2014 (03/29-30/2014 - Edmonton, Alberta)
Date: Saturday March, 29th -30th 2014.
Venue Opens at 11:00 am

Hosted by
Edmonton Gamers
Comic Book & Games Club of Macewan University

Will be streamed on Our live stream channel found here

Registration will start at 11:00 AM Tournament will Start at 1:00 PM

Location: MacEwan 10700 104 Ave NW City Center Campus, Building 6 Cafeteria
Edmonton, Alberta

Venue Fee: $5.00

Game Entry for Super Smash Melee: $10.00
Game Entry for Super Smash Bros Brawl: $10.00

Game Entry for Super Street Fighter IV AE: Singles: $10.00
Game Entry for Injustice Gods Among US: Singles $10.00

Game Entry for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Singles $10.00
Game Entry for King of Fighter 13: Singles $10.00

Game Entry for Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike: $10.00
Game Entry for Pokemon X/Y: $10.00


General Tournament Format and Rules

Pokemon Rules

All times for games will go as fallows

Day 1

Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012: 1:00 PM
Pokemon X/Y: 1:00 PM
Injustice Gods Among Us: 1:00 PM
Super Smash Bros Brawl: 1:00 PM

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: 3:00 PM
Super Street Fighter 2 HDR: 3:00 PM
King of Fighters XIII: 3:00 PM

Day 2

Super Smash Bros Melee: 1:00 PM
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Top 8: 3:00 PM
Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012 Top 8: 4:00 PM


You might as well switch HDR with Guilty Gear. Nobody in Edmonton plays HDR except for me. AC+R patch just came out for PS3 so I’ve started learning this game.

I’m sure Killey and the rest of them would be happy, and so would I. =)


There is quite a few people that are already willing to enter 3s, if you were more involved with the current community you would know that Jeff


You never mentioned 3s at all in this thread. You put HDR as one of the games. Do you know why I stopped going to tournaments in Edmonton? It’s because of the last HDR tournament that was held at Overclocked. I showed up and nobody entered. 0… zero… so I just said “fuck it” and stopped attending.

Now, if there is indeed a number of people who are willing to enter 3s, it puzzles me as to why you would put up HDR as a tournament game, especially since only 4 people entered at ABD3 and 7 people entered 3s at ABD3.

I don’t want to go there, only to find out that nobody signed up for HDR, like last time.

The only reason I suggested AC+R is because it deserves a chance to be played as a tournament game. Plus it’ll be a good chance to transition into GGXrd when it comes out on console.


Derp, I had 3s on the mind when mentioning having that game. I put 3s as a sort of "on the fly"sort of thing. I’ll look into having the new GG at the event but games like GG, BB Persona have had a very hard time trying to get off the ground and maintain a scene


Well, see if Killey (he said that GG was his favourite franchise) and co. have any interest. If not, you could just switch HDR with 3S, since you said that there are people willing to sign up.

As much as I love ST/HDR, it’s pretty much a dead game in Edmonton at this point.

So regardless of whether it’s GG or 3S, I will attend. =)


Yeah it’s always a good idea to poll the locals first before deciding to run a tourney. Otherwise you end up with situations like the debacle from a few years ago where 10 local GG players were promised and we ended up with… 0. And a lot of unhappy out of towners. ( ͡° _ʖ ͡°)


I’m not even sure what the numbers would be like for a GG tournament in Edmonton.

Within the Edmonton community that I’m familiar with, a lot of people would be learning the game from scratch or trying to remember how to play the game. I know Drew, Dorian, Will, and FakeSteve (maybe?) were interested in learning GGXrd and Drew mentioned learning AC+R in prep for GG Xrd. Beatrush and I have been playing the game more often lately but still need to brush off a lot of rust. Beyond that I have no idea who else is interested in learning AC+R or even Xrd for that matter. I know you (Shiro) mentioned that there were another group of people who were into GG way back when I joined the community but I think they were part of the debacle that Teyah mentioned.

Calgary has a good amount of players that play GG and KoF so while I would love to play against these guys again I don’t want to see people waste their time coming down if we can’t guarantee a proper tournament for x games. If we don’t have enough entrants (maybe even skilled entrants) for GG/KoF from Edmonton then it’s mostly Calgary guys competing against each other, which doesn’t seem like it would be worth the trip but I can’t speak for them.

Further more, if you’re going to throw tournaments for those games then you need to make sure there are enough consoles that have the game. GG AC+R is a PSN download only (not available on XBL, atm). I’m willing to bring my PS3 with the game but I don’t want a case of where that’s the only console with the game.


I’m willing to bring my PS3 as well.


The +R patch has been out for NA XBL for a while now actually, you just have to manually download the patch on the US marketplace.


In regards to GG I haven’t had contact with Haseo and co since the no show years ago, they never showed up yet had a active group of atleast 8+ people. I am not sure of the turnout for GG, I mean we had so many people ready to play Persona and then it was a ghost town and then faded into obscurity. It’s great to hear that both Killey and Beatrush plan to play the game but again I have no idea how many people will actually enter the game. There’s a chance PJ would enter and I am willing to enter the tournament, I don’t have an issue playing GG.

My issue is getting into a game and playing like what 3 people? That’s the way it was for TvC…


Wait, so if you have the CDN version of GG on XBL you can still get the +R patch?


When is the game out? I am considering having the game available for the event even if its just casual


Guilty Gear Accent Core has been available for quite some time. The update patch to +R was apparently out on XBL for a few months already and the PSN patch came out last week, IIRC.

There might be some issues getting the patch if you got GG AC from the Canadian PSN/XBL store but I’m not entirely sure so I’ll need someone else to confirm. If you got GG AC from the US or JPN XBL/PSN store you’ll have no issues getting the +R patch.


Yes. I bought GG from CDN store and made a US acc to buy +R in US store. It works fine, but if you do not play from the console in which you bought the game you’ll have to log in multiple accounts since u’ll need US acc logged in to have +R applied in the case.


Yah it was back in october I think?? I switched my acount to a US one, got the +R patch, then you gotta wait 3 months before you can switch your region back to canada. but you can just download it if you have a US account used for things like this. The patch still works even though my Gamer account tag has now been switched back to canadian.


Wow so that’s how you get the patch. I just bought a Japanese copy :confused:


So realistically there’s not going to be a GG tournament at “Keep it Classy 2014” because most people in Edmonton aren’t really ready for one. Understandable at this point because people wouldn’t be confident in entering a tournament for a game that they haven’t been practicing. It’s something that’ll have to be revisited later on but general discussion on trying to raise a GG scene in Edmonton may be in the works. A casual station will be setup for GG at the tournament but that’s probably the extent of it.

I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to attend the tournament as I’m on call from March 28 - April 4 so I’ll have to see if a coworker can cover me on that day.

I bought the JPN copy for PS3 but got the CDN copy for XBL.


Are you able to play the new GG on xbox or nah?


Yes but you need a USA account to download the update.