Keep my FightPad or trade for Hori ex2?

a friend wants to trade his hori ex2 stick for my fightpad for the 360
just wondering if you guys think this is a good deal or am i better off staying with the fightpad for now and buying a better stick later?

I think you’re better off waiting, since I haven’t heard of anyone having problems with the pad thus far, plus the ex2 isn’t really “mod friendly”. Wait for a stick with more bulk and is easily moddable out of the box.

Id take the stick over the pad any day.

“try before you buy”

I would say to get the stick but then again, it IS an EX2. Toss a coin if you’re not sure (though if i were you, i would wait for a better option).


Keep! The EX2 is horrid stock. If you want a stick in the end, you’re better off building a custom stick and cannibalizing your Fightpad for the PCB. That fightpad is possibly the easiest PCB to hack EVER! Common ground, no pots for the triggers, big solder pads… so simple!

I would get the EX2, apply some artwork and put some Sanwa’s in. I wouldnt mind a fight pad either though. If you would be keeping the EX2 with its stock parts I would keep the fightpad.

Fightpad and jack the PCB out of it.