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*Topic Edit: Don’t get screwed by sites over charging on there products.

go here!
Fujita Communications
thanks to Mayhem

don’t go here!

i’m looking to get arcana heart pcb and it says that it only runs on 31k vga.

i’ve look at a whole list of cabinets but i dont really understand or know the smart/inexpensive way to do this, if there is one.

here’s a list of cabinets.

anyone know if i can get the astro city and get a converter or something?

ugh… why can’t it just run on anything!? lol.

While down-scanners exist image quality will suffer gravely.

shit!!!111111111111 lol. thanks for the info.

off topic but how much did you get the arcana board for?

Theres a bunch of cabinet have run on 31k. Or you can get a standard Astro city and fit it with a multi-sync chassis that will allow it to run on 15/25/31k frequencies. Those chassis last I heard run about 200.00

31khz = VGA

that’s some good news. thanks.

haven’t gotten it yet, looking to get this one.

nevermind guys… my 3s cabinet run 31k. :lovin:

i’ll get astro city for my 3s.

Seriously, buying from CoinOp Express is like volunteering to be robbed. At half their price of a used first edition board you can get a brand new Arcana Heart Full kit from Fujita Communications instead.

good heads up. thanks!

fuck!!1 lol, went from $1000 to $350… shit.

That place makes me want to buy a game.
What does it mean if the price is ######?

i think that it means that it’s taken. it’s first come first serve. i emailed them about it just incase though to make sure. i’d def take arcana heart for 350… sucks b/c ggac is still high as shit.

It just means Excel deems the content too long to fit into the cell, increase the column width and price will be revealed.

Ohh and just so you know the folks at Fujita are trustworthy. While I myself haven’t bought anything from them directly we run regular group orders with them from a Swedish arcade community, these usually end at several thousand dollars and so far we haven’t been disappointed. They’re very busy though so can sometimes take a while to get a response, if they haven’t gotten back to you within a week politely try again. Also keep in mind their “Engrish” skills are limited so keep it basic. Finally, be aware that payments has to go by international bank transaction for which you have to cover the fees.


Thats what I thought it was but when I widened it it didn’t change, guess I didn’t widen it enough. I forgot how much yen $350 is.

lol it’s actually less. XD

302.58 to be exact.

i use this to convert.

Hear is this entire thread in one sentence
A used PCB for **For the game 1941 **on coinopexpress cost the same as a used pcb for Arcana Heart from Fujita communications. :looney::looney::looney:


gawd. i can’t believe i almost lost a ton of money. i’m glad i switched to geicoo–err i mean fujita.

edit: mayhem, 1yr of prem is coming your way to show my graditude. thanks, seriously.

I’ve bought stuff from Fujita before, would do business with them again. They pack their goods very well & were responsive to my questions.

Note that they will accept international postal money orders; even after express mailing one to them, this should be cheaper than bank transfer fees.

Aww, thanks! :wgrin:
When you get around to buying the game though remember that “Arcana Heart Full brand new kit” doesn’t simply mean the kit is complete, “Full” actually refers to the upgraded version of the game with further balance fixes. The used board in their pricelist isn’t the “Full” version unless they’ve since gotten them in stock.

380$ for a new 3rd strike… wow