Keep out! Wait and she will come to you!



Trish keep out and entry tactics thread!

So Trish has a lot of keep out moves, or at least hindrances for enemy advance, but also has a quick air entry move d+H. Any ideas on how to capitalize? Enemies always stick to her traps but can’t follow up.

Round trip is also really intriguing. Your thoughts on this?


Entry wise she has interesting options, although she doesn’t have a lot of health so she requires something to help out on the ground.

Drones, rocks, beams, anything to help her get in is a severe plus. d+H is lowblockable so no really ideal for getting in, plus anyone with decent reaction will just anti-air you eg sent s.S = dead Trish.

Superjump instant airdash S is very good plus crosses up.

Following up her traps with combos is extremely difficult. L traps can’t really be unless you anticipate really well. M traps are the only ones you can really followup on reaction but you have to time your hit as soon as they leave the trap which is tough to time.

Round Trip is a great move to start experimenting with. Usually on the ground you’d want to throw it out and use the stop switch sign when it hits them to keep them in hit/blockstun. In the air you can use it to control space (eg usually where sent likes to fly around) works decently combined with flight. Been trying to figure out ways to utilize the other two switch sign speeds.


IAD S is better than H? I’ve been using H for the Air throw option


I use IAD H instead of S.

Also instant overhead j.l into divekick for shenanigans


Instant Air Straight Dash H is really good and fast.
The sword swipes such huge area that you can easily overwhelm your opponent if you keep doing it.
It can crossup as well if you are positioned properly.
That’s mainly why I prefer H to S


Trish fucking owns Sentinel. That is all.


In my experience people have been blocking iad H too well compared to when I use iad S. iad S comes out slightly faster. iad H will be good for the air-throw option of course. Mix it up though. People react to the aura of the sword and learn to block it high.


I’m stil ltrying ot nail down a long term offense/gameplan for her. I did best just playing super aggresive with IAD H/S mix-up for a while, but as mentioned, getting taged by Sentinel’s S is GGPO. Adapating to it, I’ve started playing mor ‘geurilla tactic’ style with her. Just understanding who I’m going against and how to properly punish, I’ve transformed into a more ‘dual offense’ type…rushing down and chip. Using her (I suck with names bare with me) sword throw in combo with her projectile and an assit I can usually do some good chip, not in a spiral/strider trap sense, but by rushing down, then backing off slightly to get it off, I get to keep my momentum, while shutting their’s down and etching chip. Works better for me when I throw in the air simply because I like it hitting on the way back, some people forget it/think it’s not ocming back, and other’s don’t get to pushblock me full screen as hittin on the way out. Make sure to protet yourself with a peek a boo before the low voltage.

Not great by any estimate, but its been a super effective method that doesn’t require an assit making her an ideal opener and closer. On my team cleavage (Trish/Storm/Morrigan), she helps my Storm get the meter for hailstorming to death. The DHC ability of this team is pretty good too (well Trish/Storm…Morrigan is just an assist whore who I can run with without assist).

But hit, run, chip repeat is how I play her. Not enough options to be a constant offensive pressure creator (well Chun-Li always helps), and not enough options to trap/chip to death.

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It’s lame that dive kick is low-blockable.

I’m trying to use her as a battery, but her meter gain is atrocious.

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Being inclined to do chip tactics since i can only play vs input reading very hard CPUs. So much for mixups. Air low voltage with traps can be quite safe. Some characters can’t retaliate at all. But damn it’s a waste of some pretty combos.

If enemy has no anti-air chipper = easy win? And btw, is airlowv fly airlowv fly airlowv fly… possible?


I was gonna save it for my Trish offense study but…

sj. instant air dash is faster than instant air dash.

j.:h: has a bigger hitbox. j.:s: falls to the ground faster but its not necessarily “better” since :h: can cancel into specials and you dont have to commit to an unsafe attack. Cancel :h: into divekick into whatever you feel like doing.

I love this character.


If your IAD is really low and the character has a small crouching hitbox, you’ll hit the ground before doing the divekick/airspecial. I think that makes the choice fairly easy. If you want the fastest possible overhead, go with the j.S. If you do an H at the same timing you won’t be able to cancel it anyways and it does less damage (once again, depending on the hitbox size). If you want more options, delay your IAD slightly and use j.H.


Whatever the case of j.S and j.H it just adds to the variety to her offense.

Also consider tri-jump cause it leads to having the option to empty tri-jump, c.L-M-…



I’m not very good (28% ranked lol) and I usually don’t rush in with Trish unless I’m being out-keepawayed. My pattern is:

Hopscotch (start of all my patterns really, plus makes people think I’m going to stick to keepaway)
Assist (Ryu Hado or Dante Weasel Shot)
c.M into combo…

Another approach is
Super Jump
Round Trip
Land and rush

My problem with approach #2 is somehow if I get hit during the rush the Round Trip doesn’t “hit” on the way back. Anyone else experience this or is this just my imagination?


Iirc, round trip disappears if you get hit :confused:

So who can out-keepaway Trish? I’m thinking Storm ><


Storm can definitely out zone Trish, unless she has a particularly good zoning assist, because unless you beat her to the punch, Low Voltage will lose to Whirlwind every time, and if you can’t pressure Storm with zoning she’ll have no incentive to go anywhere near you, making you have to go to her…


Damn so Trish should be able to keep most non-Storm characters out? If my goal is to make my opponents say, “damn how the hell am I supposed to get in on a good Trish!!??!?!?” what might that look like? What are some good movement patterns I should be aiming for? Assist-specific answers are welcomed. Which assists really help her piss people off and how?

Also when playing a hit-n-run style Trish on point, when you do score a clean hit (trap, cL, landed IAD or divekick, etc), what combo are you guys leaning on? Are you really turning every stray connection into a whole jM to divekick to hopscotch to MM to double jump thing? Or is there something more reliable when zipping around trying to be uncatchable? And whatever sequence you’re doing, are you ending with super? I love Max Voltage, what about when I’m trying to battery but score a hit?

Trish is too fun.


Sorry for double post, not sure why it happened.


Trish is a multi-purposed character, she can rush down and zone out (though she really benefits from assists to solidify both strategies), the key is to know what the opponents character is vulnerable to… yes Storm can out zone Trish, but that just means you have to rush her down, same goes for characters like Arthur and Dormammu. I mean, technically you could pick assists and put Trish on point to gear her towards a zoning strategy, but then it’d be like you’re missing out on half the character…

As far as zoning strategies, I like to keep mobile, in regards to traps/round trip. I like to use hopscotch as kind of a zoning barometer, a lot of people will superjump over it to avoid the upwards shot. If I’m midscreen I like to backdash and pop another Hopscotch to catch them on their way down, or just duck under them to the other side of the screen, whenever you have space to, chip away with Low Voltage and Round Trip -> Switch Sign. Experiment with different Hopscotch/Peekaboo placement patterns and see how people try to move around them…

Combo-wise, I like to use her [gound-combo],:s:,j.:m:,:d:+:h:,:qcb::l:,j.:m:,j.:h:,:h:,:qcf::l:,:qcf::atk::atk: as a way to push into the corner, where her combos are better. And I don’t even bother using air Max Voltage as a combo ender unless I’m in the corner because they tech out before she’s done midscreen (which I do think is kinda stupid).

Use assists frequently with Trish, the extra utility really helps her game, a good beam assist (EM Disruptor, Plasma Beam, Unibeam) really helps her zoning game because Low Voltage is slow on startup. Cancel her blockstrings into fly,j.:s: for a quick overhead, or unfly/divekick into a low for a mixup (and cover yourself with an assist to make it safer to do so (and more ambiguous because the assist will clutter the screen). Hopscotch and Peekaboo do their jobs as keepaway tools, but it DOES help to have a gtfo assist too (Double Lariat, Gustaff Fire, Shadow Blade). Also, Trish loves OTG assists because she has no OTG of her own…

Just experiment with her, Trish can be a really ambiguous character, but you have to work your tools and not settle into a routine or her limited moveset will become readable.

edit: Also, use her zoning/rushdown capabilities to throw the opponent off, if they manage to breach Trish’s defenses, get in there and take the fight to them (and vice versa, if your not getting any luck opening them up with rushdown, back of and start chipping them out)

Wall of text ftw lol…


Just played for hours with some good players. One thing Trish has that few others have: air downward projectile that hits at the exact edge of the screen. You need to do sj+dj and shoot from the top but the sheer distance and height makes it very safe, not to mention even more so with hopscotch. Warning: stirrs a lot of hate from opponents.