Keep PCB on Tekken 5 stick?

I’ve ordered the stick and buttons plus soldering equipment so I can upgrade my Tekken 5 Anniversary and would like to simply desolder the PCB from the buttons and use that instead of hacking a control pad PCB

I’m about to order a custom plexi from Art’s Hobbies with a different button alignment so resoldering the PCB directly back onto the buttons is not possible.

It looks like there will enough room to just mount the board on the bottom of the case with sticky pads and run the wiring in the space therein:)

Can I directly solder multi strand arcade wires into the holes or do I need something extra?

This is my first time so yeah,Total newb here:p

The stick is JLF and buttons are Seimetsu btw:D

Yes you can.

Check out the “Absolute Noobie Thread” and the “Info Thread” above this topic heading…

There’s a whole list of FAQ’s and Mod Guides that are linked to from those topic posts.
Also, IF you do a Google search like they show you how in the “Info Thread” you will find that there already is a Mod Faq for the Tekken 5 Anniversary Joystick.

IMHO, unless you intend to make this joystick a multi-console joystick, it’s really, really stupid to throw away the original PCB. It’s generally cheaper to buy a PS2-to-PS3 adapter than it is to find and install a new PCB.

FYI, most people solder QD lines to the PCB… They don’t generally solder new pushbuttons directly to the PCB for reasons that become obvious when you think about it.

Read through the Tekken 5 Mod FAQ when you locate it… (It’s a few pages back on the Tech Forum but you can also Google it like they show you in “Info Thread.”)

This is more than I wanted to write, honestly. A lot of us are getting fed up that newbies aren’t reading the FAQ’s like they’re supposed to before making topic posts.

Hey thanks guys for the feedback and I’ll check out the newbie section and just post there for modding help:)

I wasn’t sure what to do because all the modding guides I’ve found via Youtube and Yahoo for the less than super easy to mod sticks like mine all involve hacking a gamepad for the job:p

I originally wanted a HRAP2-(A pair actually,)but seeing they were going for 300$ Apiece I got two T5’s instead thinking it’d be easy to upgrade…

And only after getting the first one in hand did I find out they’re not the same 0_o

I’m guessing that connecting the buttons directly to a PCB as Hori did on this model could cause impact stress to the board?

Best to decouple by using wires eh?:wink:

Wait a sec…I get what you’re saying…

I’m planning to use QD’s on the button/stick end and soldering the wires directly to the board itself,Maybe I’ll go with all QD’s but I dunno yet…

Is there any tutorials on how to get the joystick correctly on the PCB?
I see 8 solder points… I’m confused…

EDIT: Got it… every other is a ground