Keep power up after attack?



I was watchin a video on YouTube of a jugg player and he powered up and attacked and stayed powered up jus wonderin if nebody new how this was done…? I searched previous threads and saw nothin on it so figured I’d ask…


the only attack that can keep the power up after swinging is d.fp. all other attacks waste it, and you have to hold d.fp when you throw it out for a bit.


Aight so how longs a bit…? U kno the specifics of how this works???


I found this out a while back messing around. I tried all moves to see if it would stay, and found that the cr.hp keeps it there. Apparently the cr.hp has some sort of glitch to it (idk) but the same type of move with the s.hp releases it. I find that kinda strange, but if you just sit there jumping around or doing cr.hp all the time it will stay around. You can only do cr.hp like 2 times before it releases. But I think it stays for a while, like damn near 1 minute or some shit just standing inactive. But if you juice him and switch out to activate the glitch and then bring him back in, you cant do cr.hp anymore to keep it around when you power up. Thats another wierd thing. I guess hes all juiced out lol…