Keepin' It Classy Capcom - Productive Poll For YOU!

***bear with me, this is long~ ***

*As a community, we can all agree that we appreciate the fact that Capcom at least gave it a shot to make us happy. This was supposed to be a “love letter to the fans” - and honestly it was, but the problem is you cant fall short on something people love. *

I want to point out the biggest problem(s) that should be changed to make this feel like the experience we were so fond of. Instead, we were presented with Street Fighter III: Frankenstein Third Strike.

1.) The sound effects. I’m not sure what you did with the originals, but they are now horrible in “HD”. We can all agree that shoryukens that sound like trashcans banging together isn’t what the original sounded like. Sometimes when you do a move -offline/online- the sound effect wont even be played. I understand that you paid people to make these sound effects, we’re just asking for the option to turn the old ones on. Also, stage music… yeah that’s the arranged sound track, not the actual arcade one, also playing -offline/online- the stages music will completely go out till the next round is started. This was a very unprofessional decision on the Producer, waving a bug because it returns next round isn’t a worthy excuse to meet submission.

2.) The HUD(s). I’ve seen so many people stress the importance of the original picture frames, health bars and meter bars. The meter bars play a very large role in Third Strike, especially with the meter-confirming technique known as “DED” (Judging a moves meter gain to commit to a super based on if you would have enough for a super to stock or not.) With this in mind, you are changing something that makes us change our game. This once again, defeats the purpose of your sales pitch “Arcade Perfect”.

These two things alone make the game feel strangely different. A game I’ve played, non stop for 5 years (some for 10 years+) now have different sound effects, music, character select background, versus background and more. If you’re going to claim that this is arcade perfect, please give us the option to make it 100% arcade perfect, otherwise its just lie and a love letter to people that enjoy Third Strike every 4-5 weeks but think it should have 3D graphics, nice looking pictures, meters and health bars, oh and parries removed.

There are things that need to be fixed, obviously the bugs and glitches people are finding everywhere are a problem. I agree, those are problems, but I would seriously give money out of my own pocket to have these two things listed alone to be changed back - or have the option to turn these originals on, it would complete the experience for allot of us. Sure there are old things that are missing like Ryu’s bag and Urien’s Aegis reflector being the wrong color, I think we can live with the few things you missed if you actually did us Third Strike fans a solid and actually made this happen.

I know I sound like I’m speaking for the majority of the community, I’m really not… Thus, I’ve attached a poll for players to express their opinion.

*Need help fixing the online issues and bugs? The Shoryuken QA team have found an amazing amount of bugs for you. ( **Online Edition Bugs and Glitches (Problems) List *)

Oh yeah, in online casuals 1v1, it takes an annoying period of time to get to “select another character” or “rematch”. Especially if you’re simply used to popping in a quarter and hitting start again.

Fight for the future.

frankenstein strike is def what it is.

the more i hear the sounds, the more i hate them too. uriens is really bad. when he throws a fireball now it goes, “KILL!..(beep sound)”

id be really happy with a way to let us use the old sounds and hud.

So much whining… Do we really need another topic like this?

We should put all the bitching and complaining topics into one mega-topic where the trolls and haters can frolic and play there.

This is me, trying to be productive in changing something I love to play. shrug

And please fix matchmaking.

The wording of the very poll shows that this is easily another flame / troll topic.

Where is he trolling? All I see is a well written post asking Capcom to make OE more arcade perfect, and a poll attached to see if people agree or not. Where could he have worded something better? (please don’t say that adding ZZZZ to the end of the poll makes the entire post null and void)

this is going to be shockingly one sided I think.

Honestly, the HUD and sounds aren’t even on the list of issues I have with Online Edition. I don’t care about “trash-can shoryus” when I’m getting matched up with Japanese players all the time.

this game sucks to play online if you dont have friends that live around you on your friends list. i recommend doing this, it will be a lot more fun for you.

Only person who seems to be trolling here, is you, actually. A comprehensive first post, well written, with a poll included, is not trolling.

Are you guys really that concerned about the meters? It still goes at the same %, and you still can’t adjust?
Where’s the “I lost because I haven’t adapted to the meter bar” thread. I wanna see it.

They didn’t re-balance the game, so they rebalanced the meter. OMG something new to get used to!

Man, and I thought the Alpha Anthology thread was nitpicky…


There’s also not enough contrast between not enough for EX moves and enough for EX moves.

What exactly do you have against constructive critisicm?

Alright, so two things here:

  1. Online matchmaking in its current form is unacceptable. This must be repaired as soon as possible, starting with a minimum of displaying available matches to choose from with connection strength indicated in all multiplayer modes (with usernames removed in ranked, obviously) and option to open your own ranked lobby to wait for another player to join. The system they’ve put in place to choose an opponent for you, quick match style, DOES NOT WORK. This is basic functionality that even vanilla SFIV had.
    -secondary; 1v1 player match would be nice. 8 player lobby is not a replacement for 1v1 player match. Stop pretending it is. This takes zero effort on your part to split them into separate modes.

  2. When you market your product a particular way, “arcade perfect” in this case, you are obligated to follow through on that promise. People made their purchasing decision in part on the strength of that claim. Meaning all original sounds, music, HUD, and character portraits should be available and selectable in the options menu in lieu of the remixed content. Glitches, bugs, and all similar deviations from arcade version are equally unacceptable.

I wish we can have the old orange main menu and not the ugly gray sement that we have.

it probably wouldn’t be that hard to adjust to, but I think what makes it so annoying is that

a) a minority of us actually still play in arcade. def a small minority, but jumping back and forth makes small things like this very noticeable

b) its a completely arbitrary change that does affect gameplay. theres no reason for the bars to be shorter at all, while there is reason for them to be the same size as they used to be.

It’s a loaded poll, the question is asking whether you want an optional extra or whether you’d rather not have an optional extra, it’s very very silly because there’s no possible reason why anyone would not want a new feature. I mean it’s not like capcom (or atleast I hope not) take random forum polls as a genuine source of information so it only adds to the pointlessness of it all. The original post actually makes valid points and it’s kind of undermined by the poll.

One of the most disappointing things about 3SOE for me personally was the changing of the portraits, I was a huge fan of palettized character portraits as it made identifying my friends in Ken mirror matches that much easier (plus it looked cool). That said i’d way prefer they spent time (with the exception of meter sizes which is a really bizarre and arbitrary change and from a programming perspective should be trivial to fix) adding in features that should’ve been in there to begin with, like separate music and sfx volume values; input display, looping recording for parrying and a whole load of other training mode features; being able to turn off challenges from the 4:3 visuals; rematch menus that don’t mysteriously require hitting A 50 times; a lobby readying system that isn’t a weird toggle; any of the tens of bugs being fixed; the list goes on.

I honestly get the feeling that the guys at Iron Galaxy inherited a horrible mess of aggregated coding mistakes and bad organisation and they did their best to achieve the main objective of making the base gameplay (excluding UI) as arcade perfect as possible and then decided to do whatever additional features would look the best on a ‘list of new features’ thing. I think it’s come at the cost of a lot of the things the fans this was meant for wanted but it was inevitable if they hoped to attract remotely casual players to a game with 3S’ reputation. That said I genuinely hope Capcom don’t just give up on adding these little features, I think they’re key to making the game have a sustained community larger than just those who were playing before OE. I guess the financial question is whether they believe that fostering a community and the good will generated from it is worth the cost of contracting Iron Galaxy past the bug fixing stage.

i guess i’m in the minority when i think it s a solid port. the hit boxes, links, combos and speed of the game all feel arcade perfect to me. i don’t really care about portraits, paintings, weird sounds or whatever else. i feel comfortable playing between arcade and xbox with no adjustments, that’s all i cared for. :encore: i’m not affected by the meter bars at all although i can see how some can. i always chain blocked strings into my super before i arrive there and it feels the same to me.

The gameplay itself is fine for the most part, save for the really indepth stuff like the Necro/Dudley glitch ryan mentioned. It’s just everything else that’s such a letdown, especially online and matchmaking. And we’re not putting down anybody that likes 3SOE; it’s fine if they like the new stuff. The problem most 3S players have is that they said “arcade perfect” and we got something that’s very very far from that.