Keepin' it Classy - Dudley v2013 Changes/Combo's thread



Hey guys, dudley didn’t get too many changes in v 2013, but he is still very good! Come on people! There has to be some new things he can do!

v2013 Changes:


  • St.Hk damage decreased to 75 damage
  • J.Hk damage decreased to 80 damage
  • Mp. Jet Upper decreased to 120 damage
  • All Jet uppers have less blockstun and pushback on block


  • Hp. Jet Upper has an increased juggle count.
  • Dash Swing Blow now throw invincible
  • Ex Dash Swing Blow, easier to connect with
  • Charge attack now invincible to high attacks while charging.



bout to hop in this dudley train … testin some things out … will report back soon … roger


Couple questions… than I’m in there…

What does he do after a EX MGB? Corner and midscreen? Whats the best option?

Same question as above, but replace EX MGB with C.HK.

You can’t do C.LPx2 into S.HK… what combos do I do starting with a low jab or short?

S.HK, Command Dash, S.HK, HP Upper is my tag cancel combo. That okay?

What do I do after a HP+HK tag? When Dudleys incoming. Just S.HK into upper or something?

Lemme know guys, this version of Dudley feels pretty 3s-esque and I’m loving it.


Kenin, if you land EX MGB and are not in the corner, I would go into Jump RH, then c.RH, jet upper ender. I’ll try and answer the rest of your questions when I get to finally play 2013 a bit later today.

Edit: In the corner, do S.RH, RH Short Swing Blow, c. med punch, Fierce Jet upper

I’m not saying these are optimized, but it’s a decent place to start.

  1. Midscreen - Jumping HP, Cr. HK, mp jet upper (not sure if heavy jet upper works)
    Corner - I use Cr. mp X 3 to lp short swing blow (not sure if this is optimal now but its pretty easy to pull off)

  2. Midscreen - Mp. Jet Upper,
    Corner - Cr. mp X 3 to lp short swing blow

  3. Combo into mgb or into one of the two ducking punches. You can also magic series into sweep or combo into right left combo.

  4. Yup that is okay

  5. theres a couple options. Ill list the two I use:1. f. mk f. mk cr. mp mp jet upper

  6. st. hk ducking cr. mp cr. mp jet upper

If people have better combos I want to know also =)


Thanks for the help guys!


Anyone know dudleys best combo off a launcher tag in? HK duck HK xx DP is wierd, because sometimes the duck will make you switch sides and it can be impossible to do the DP in the right direction sometimes.


you can also do x3, hp dp instead


Because DP+HP has 5 juggle points now, in the corner you can do c.MP, s.HK xx HCF+PP, s.HK xx HCB+LK, s.MP xx HCB+MK, DP+HP It does 424 but this combo is VERY hard and I would advise against it in clutch moments.


That’s pretty sick, East. Thanks for posting that.

Who are you guys partnering Dudley with? I wanted to do Steve but it just seems redundant to me and Dudley outshines him in every way imo.


Nice one East!

I’ve been messing around with it and came up with a more consistent… or bitchmade version of it.

Whatever xx EX MGB, S.HK, HK BSB, C.MP, MK BSB.

The MK BSB makes the combo do more than HP DP. So it’s a better finisher. I also just find this waay easier to do.

I’ve been using Dudley/Marduk, it gives pretty awesome results, good pokes, big damage, yeaaah.

EDIT: I did this with the C.MP, S.HK starter and I got 441. So yeah… this might be the go to. East is “424” a typo?


My corner combo is c.MP, s.HK xx HCF+PP, s.HK, s.HK, HCB+MK, DP+HP for 422 damage.
It actually isn’t all that difficult once you practice it.
I have Sagat on point with Dudley as my anchor.
I just started playing again after only playing it for a month when it first launched.
I gotta say I’m having a hard time though.


Aaaaaaaaaand stolen. Nah 424 isn’t a typo.

I’ve been playing Dudley/Elena. Elena is very scary now, she has the same kind of damage potential off of an overhead that dudley does. Elena has good pokes and a pretty good high/low game. Her combos take the opponent to the corner very quickly, then you can tag in as dudley to keep the pressure on them when they’re cornered.


I’m playing Paul x Dudley and I am not having too much trouble. I’ve been searching the interwebs like crazy to try and find some high level dudley play so I can steal some of the pressure tactics.The only videos I’ve really found are of Silphdk and random other people. If anybody has any videos they can link me to, that’d be great.

I started playing Dudley in vanilla with Cody x Dudley, and now I am really trying to get into him in this game. Something about seeing a really good Dudley who hits all of his links just makes him seem so cool lol.

Also I really wanna know if dudley’s charge can pass through hadoukens. . . . .that would be amazing


It can but there’s no real point to do it besides style. As soon as you let go, if it’s not fully charged super, you just sway back into the fireball and get hit [kinda funny lookin actually]. This game isn’t really about fireballs because you can just reaction jump over them as almost any character. Coupled with the fact that dudley already has a duck that gets through them, I would say that his strength lies in the fact that he is scary on wake-up and now since they’ve changed it so that opponents who roll are vulnerable before they can do anything, once we are able to time meaty hits and basically do timed option selects, opponents who roll on wake-up vs. Dudley are going to lose a lot of health.


Hey guys, I’m new to the forum and when I saw Dudley, I knew that was the guy for my team, i’ve been learning him little by little, but it seems like I’m problems landing super or Short swing blow off crouching HK. Is there something I should look for when going for it or is it just a timing thing I need to learn.

I’ve been trying to find a suitable partner for him. What do you guys think about Juri, Hugo, Heihachi, hworang. The new cast I’ve been having fun with Guy, Jack X, Bryan, Elena, and Christie.

#17 (the target combo) hp uppercut is a good juggle in the corner after launcher/lp uppercut

I like tag canceling regular MGB instead of using EX MGB. Only use EX when my tag partner has lots of red health.


-You can’t land BSB after C.HK midscreen (?) but in the corner if you land a C.HK, do S.MP, and cancel that into HK BSB (or maybe MK) and that will work. Midscreen I just do LK Dash Upper or MP Uppercut after a C.HK.

-Hugo got nerfed too much imo, Juri is more of a point character, and I like Dudley on point better. Dudley/Heihachi is probably good, I don’t know about Hworang or Guy, Dudley/Jack X is good. Dudley/Elena is good, the rest I’m clueless about.


What is BSB? Or are you guys referring to Short Swing Blow?


Oh yeah sorry haha, back swing blow is what its called in 3s so I always refer to that.