Keeping Pressure

Hey, how do you guys keep people in the corner with pressure, once i get them in the corner i do pretty well for afew hits, then they manage to score a lucky DP, or something and it messes it all up.

Wow, SRK is becoming a mess!

You didnt have to make a new thread, i’m sure your not only who has had this problem!

:9 *sigh there was almost a thread like this already the defense one in it we were talking about pressure but to satisfy ur hungry for random thread the best way is to wait one second after the get up because most likely they gonna random ultra,DP,reversal. So if they do it just punish them but if they dont hit them with a Hard JK which they most likely will jump. Then follow up with a IAJK or a combo or wait to DP them out of the air, and if you have any doubt about ur pressure just Hard JK, almost always works

my personal fave is c.lp high jaguar kick then mid jaguar kick rince and repeat till they get wise then i mix it up

Doesnt H.JK wiff after

nah dude. It’ll hit them with the very tip. At worse itll hit them if they do anything besides backdashing or jumping back.

Really huh i always use m.jk. Will have to test this out later im sure my h.jk always wiffs.

if you throw out 2 cr. lp and then your HK JK will whiff. but if you chain it quick before the pushback you can land HK JK after cr.lp,

for me pressure with Adon comes down to patience and reactions. When in the corner more people will use whatever there most damaging move is to escape. So you can be sure that Shotos will mash out or what have you especially if you have the life lead and have been using steady pressure. So frame advantage is your friend, give them an escape then take it away, you want it to appear like your are on a rampage but you’re really just waiting for that mashout to hit your EXRJ or youre waiting for them to second guess themselves so you can hit that crossup combo FADC ULTRA etc. Don’t be afraid to back up… its push and pull. Most block strings are begging for Grab. Adons grab is quick so tick throws are extremely effective. If you know they’re mashing out waiting for your grab, don’t be afraid to end the block string by blocking… once the mash comes out you have a free combo. Sometimes you have the croucher who just wants to wait you out, luckily adon’s and are quite amazing. I use, AirJK,, lkRJ. Which can be FADC’d to ULTRA 2 if you have it.

As you can see Adon has many many options when it comes down to corner pressure. But its not enough to just know this. You have to execute as well. Execution is the mountain that separates theory fighers from real players and with Adon sometimes you just gotta have the instincts. Gamerbee is prime example of it. His execution is unreal but his instincts are beyond belief. I spend at least 30 minutes in practice before I get online no matter how long I plan on playing. If I only have 30 minutes then its all practice. You have to learn the tough stuff, you need IAJK, FADC ULTRA, crossup combos, jump HK/MK OS, crouch tech combos, etc etc. If you don’t feel confident using these tools in game or you just can’t do these on command then you are severely robbing yourself of important tools that you need sustain corner pressure, defense, counters etc. Your results are directly measurable by your dedication/time you put into the character.

Happy Hunting

You where I can frame data for all characters in Super, learnt them for Tekken 6 so this shouldnt be hard to learn.

Super Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki
Supposedly more accurate that the frame data

Adons is 5 frame startup and for example ryu’s lp.srk is 3 frame so why when im doing preasure they never retaliate with it and i mean never.

Thanks alot, Im gonna have some fun with this info. on block is in fact very dangerous. It doesn’t link and you don’t have any frame advantage after a blocked M.jk so you should be getting punished hard. Substitute either HK or LK JK which are -2 on block and you’ll have the 3 frames needed to beat out SRK but you’ll still lose due to SRK invincibility frames. If you know they’re going to attack out I dunno why you don’t go with HK or EX RJ. More damage and it will beat out SRK. Most people prolly aren’t SRK’ing out because they’ve played Adons like myself who will destroy any mashout attempt with EX RJ until they give that shit up.

~style~ xx MK JK is not very dangerous VS most of the cast. Those with a DP, well, don’t always do it. Due to the distance you end at, adon 3 frame jab or long reach, it’s a good spot to be. There’s always HK or ex RJ to deter them from attacking, and then you mix up kara throw, etc. It’s good vs non grapplers.

By the way, MK JK is safe on block (cept, vs grapplers). LK JK isn’t at point blank distance. You can eat reversal DPs etc. And HK JK will for the most part whiff after c.MP (but might hit them if they attack since they extend their hitbox).

Also, you’re trying to give out general strats (don’t do x because of SRK) which is not the way to think about super matchup fighter 4. Every fucking thing is matchup dependent.

i wont disagree with you on much of what you said, because you’re mostly right. But to clarify I didn’t say that mk.jk was unsafe i said it was* dangerous*. You lose your frame advantage by using mk jk because on block its 0. I’m not saying its stupid or the like, but with a character thats uses frame traps and whatnot, you’ll lose the advantage by throwing out mk jk instead of using IAJK which puts you in that same zone but you have comboability if they don’t block… or using hk/lk jk with yield +2 on block IIRC. Again its not that its not safe on block or anything of the sort, its just there are far better options for putting on the pressure.

Lastly you’re correct I am using a lot of generalizations and I understand there is infact a huge roster but percentage wise you’re going to be playing the same characters the majority of the time. So If I use general term its just cause I’m trying to cover more bases because whether I speak about Cammy, sagat, ken, ryu, dan, sakura, gen, etc when I say SRK people generally understand what I’m mentioning. The matchups don’t change our abilities with Adon only the allowance of what we can and can’t do. If you can beat out SRK then no other move is really of worry, wouldn’t you agree? Matchup strategies are important but general theory is important as well. When you boil down all the characters to their most basic terms the moves stop mattering because the attacks can generally be predicted based upon life lead, spacing, etc. If you opponent is full screen and you have the life lead, his moves are limited…it doesn’t matter the matchup only the positioning. The options will be the same regardless of character and your counter will be the same as well. I’m sure you’ll disagree, and it isn’t my attempt to argue it honestly…but generalizations are as important as the individual matchups but at the same time the big picture is made up of small parts.


You want them to try to “lucky” DP you. It isn’t luck if you fall for it, so try not to think of it as someone mashed out a DP (even if that’s the case). What you need to do when you’ve got a Shoto in the corner is be aware of their DP option, and bait it. A simple c.hp after a wiffed DP is a great punish and allows you to focus your game right back to keeping pressure as they backflip back into the corner. Basically, the game of “pressure” is being aware of your opponents options, and making them seem desirable. Here’s what I mean

You want them to DP: You can throw out block strings, Adon doesn’t have many true block string options, so he’s susceptible to mashing a “lucky” DP. So you have two options here, avoid using block strings, or use that weakness as leverage to make your oppoent want to DP. The last most important part of course is to block when you feel the DP coming. What this really means is stopping your block string early.

You want them to block: If you punish their DP’s accordingly, your opponent won’t want to throw them out as much (either that or you’ll punish them to death, assuming you’re patient). They’re main option now is to block your attacks, and the moment you know they’re hesitating to DP, you throw them. Anytime you can make them think they need to block, that’s a free throw. Throws serve two purposes, first and foremost to jar the opponent’s head. You just threw them, that means you know they were blocking, that means you’re in their head, that means you’re in control, that means they’re running out of options, that means they’re getting that much more desperate. That means they’re going to be that much more likely to DP (which is where you bait and punish, isn’t street fighter fun!). The second purpose is to give you plenty of time to gain your composure and set up your next assault while they wake up. Throws do decent damage but their real uses are in controlling the momentum of the match, especially in the corner where their options for evading a throw (by say walking backwards outside of your throw range) are very limited.

It’s a little more complicated than this but in general, you’re pressure is basically going to consist of a “start-stop-start-stop” approach to keep your opponent off balance. It’s very important to not get into patterns or “go to-” options when it comes to pressure. If you’re opponent DPs through your pressure, you’ve become predictable. If you consistently get DPed out of corner pressure, you’re really predictable.

If at any point during corner pressure, you’ve been DPed, your opponent just legitimately turned the flow of the match in their favor. Any time your opponent is in the corner, they’re eager to get out of it, and you should be expecting that DP twice as much, since that DP is twice as useful to them for the given situation. Expect it, bait, and punish. Oh, and win.

Also, remember, in general, that your DP beats other non EX DPs. There’s exceptions to this, I think ken MP DP and akuma HP DP will trade if done at the same time. That’s because it has 6 frames of invincibility, that’s quite big. Ryu strongest DP (mp) has 4.

Sounds stupid? Not really, it’s an “option select” of sorts. Beats teching, beats DP’s beats throws, attacks etc, but loses to backdash, blocking (still safe it FADC) etc. Most ultras I land is trough “random” HK RJs. That’s just me tho. They should respect and fear your offense if you have 2 bars and ultra. Not always easy to condition someone if it’s a direct elimination/pool though, or random ranked match.

The only problem with HK RJ is that it’s not FADCable at a distance. And it’s character dependent too. It seems a crouching guy makes it very risky to try to FADC it. But guy has a weird ass crouching hitbox.

I agree with TVG,

Also one thing thats really important is to play give and take, if you’re playing shoto’s they have a lot of options to stop your corner pressure so its unrealistic to believe that you can attack attack attack and not eventually catch a DP. Depending on the knockdown sometimes its wise to take a few steps back. Remember to keep this all within JK range. I use lots of IAJK to put pressure because few people realize that we can combo out of it so its always good vs. mashers and its a strong anti air as well. If its a character with lax wakeup options like cody, then its good to keep them guessing by always pressing, but most of the playable cast has great options on wakeup so you definitely have to be more calm.


by the way, what do you think about using standing cl lp after a blocked jump in to keep pressure?

if im not wrong, cl lp is his only chainable normal. Nobody seems to use it (neither me); in fact i have not really tryed it in a real match, i always go for the cr lk or (occasionally) cr lp one.

it seems to be an underated poke, +3 on block and +6 on hit (highest values of all Adons normals!!!), cancelable and chainable…

i use it a lot from the right side of the screen. i seem to only be able to link after a standing attack from that side. my stick is on its way out though so thats how i compensate…lol.