Keeping Stick in Good Shape

I’ve been using my stick heavily and its beginning to squeak/feel loose. What are some proper ways of caring for your stick to elongate its lifespan? I’m using a sanwa jlf if you are wondering.

Open it up and use a little light grease, like something from a hobby shop, that should help.

Yeah, grease it with something having a gelatinous, smooth texture if the pivot is not moving smoothly. And check that the mounting plate is strongly secured.

Otherwise it’s just going to be a matter of checking that the parts still feel solid. Enjoy the joystick and do not worry about being gentle just so the parts last a little longer as they can easily be replaced; if the spring, switches, actuator, gate, or other parts have wear, replace them (or perhaps the whole joystick) with parts from a place like Akihabara Shop or Lizard Lick. I do not really recommend anything beyond greasing to prolong the life of the joystick (unless you punch it or something like that).