Keeping super bar from round to round

Which do you prefer?

Having each character get a clean super bar slate like in Blazblue and SF2

Or keeping the rest of the bar you worked so hard for like in 3rd strike and Jojo’s.

I personally depends on the kind of game, but I much prefer a clean slate, and I think games like 3rd strike would benefit from it.

what do you think

clean slate. I have the philosophy that each round is a totally separate fight, hence clean slates. no one stores up 5 meters before their big tournament and shit

Depends on how hard it was to build meter or/and if you are playing a team type of game.

I prefer faster build up and clean slates in round 2. It makes the rounds more independant of each other and of your performance without super meter.

You’ll sometimes see a turtle match where one guy is obviously going to win with a timeout, so the other guy doesn’t even bother so he just starts spamming to build meter for the next round. Lame.

I prefer to keep it through rounds. Even if you got a bad run on the first round, if you find yourself losing and think you can’t win, you can focus on meter-building and start planning your strategy for the next round, then save up that level 3 for a comeback. (and hopefully try to goad the opponent into using their meter to try and kill you)

I play CvS2, and building meter with one character for use by the next is a textbook part of strategy. I pick the first option, though I acknowledge that different games benefit from different things.

Team Clockw0rk and myself agree with this guy.

i like keeping the meter from one round to the next for some games. the rounds play differently from one another because the options have changed for the players.

yeah, this. I don’t mind it, I don’t hate it or anything. in fact I preferred it and hated that I lost my super in ST. but it makes more sense to me the clean slate way. otherwise why not just start with max bars or something like that

depends on the game

a round to round meter makes me want to save meter into the next rounds. its a bad habit for me. but it works better in some games

i prefer keeping but i was just thinking of jap vs yank tournaments.

in single elimination i think clean slate would be best but in double elimination it makes sense to keep the bars.

Here’s my view.

1)If the meter takes forever to build (CvS2, SFA3, SSF2T), then I want to be able to keep it.
2)If if its easy to build, then i’d settle for a clean slate.

Depends on the situation. Team games most def. have bar carryover between rounds (KOF, CvS, etc) Single 1 on 1 games can go either or, depending on the game, though i would prefer.

CvS2 meter does not take forever to build, that shit is in your fucking hands fast.

Depends completely on the game and the mechanics therein.

Usually, whether I like that the bar stays or not isn’t determined by how quickly you gain the meter. It’s determined by how powerful the benefits are for using meter.

There aren’t many games that do it right in the first place in my opinion.

Yup, this.

Meter building builds different kinds of games as well. I would argue you get a bit more variety in combos/strategies when you can keep your meter as if the game allows for it, you can give up the first round to build meter to go bat crazy in the second round for the momentum or in general you just get to see more variety in terms of meter usage. In games like GG/BB/ST, anything you see can be seen in every round which can or won’t be a good thing. As a spectator sport, you want people to see new stuff more consistently and if you see the same amazing combo every round because it’s possible, it stops being amazing.

Of course really it comes down to a preference and a game doesn’t HAVE to have one or the other. It would change the game if we were to say allow people to carry over meter in ST, but I don’t really think either are all that bad, rather just what you like.

Knowing that I don’t carry over meter in BlazBlue I’ll throw out a bee super to try and end the round. Knowing that I do carry over meter in 3S I’ll decide to keep my meter for a critical combo attack fest.

P groove bar did seem like it took forever to build.


how does it take forever to build meter in st? the only way someone wouldnt get a super in a round is it they got perfected or close to it