Keeping them in the corner?

I have noticed that some characters especially are good at keeping them in the corner and dealing good damage when they try to get out, like Necro.
I am a Yang player and I mainly rely on Mantis slash pressure to keep them there, but against some better characters, I am having trouble.
What are some ways that you can keep them there and make it hard for them to get out. I tried mixing up but they often seem to be able to jump out somehow.

Palm/Fake Palm, close MK superjumpcancel, SAIII

uoh --> slashes, st. lk slashes, low mk slashes etc…

uoh -> slasehs won’t work, slashes is just retarded since it can be blocked/parried either way. Guess you are talking about UOH, -> Ex Slashes

You might want to ask in the Yang forums. I’m trying to think of things, but UOH, lk, ex slashes is the only thing that comes to mind other than random slashes and low mk slashes. Also, it doesn’t keep them cornered, but if you’ll looking to create and opening for yourself, you can make use of Yang’s teleport off of a knockdown. You can follow up the teleport with:

low lp, low lp, hitconfirm into ex slashes
command grab, low forward slashes (puts them back into the corner)

I’m not a Yang player, but I’ve seen those used. And the command grab is only if you think your opponent is blocking.

umm, just stand back and do jumping kicks or punches when they try and jump out

After blocked crouching MK -> LP slash,

do crouching LK -> LP slash or EX slashes to prevent them from jumping. If you do LP slash they have a chance to parry out or block it but most won’t.

If they block that you can do UOH-> stand LK -> ex slashes

Also just continuing the mantis slashes will prevent them from jumping. Don’t do 3 though.

I find UOH gets stuffed by them most of the time, and then they get out of the corner.
Btw, does anybody here play online? I have been playing on kaillera p2p, however I am in Australia and it has been hard to find other players from this place for smooth games.
If anyone is from Aust/NZ and can play online, please PM me so we can have some games together.

I am also deciding whether Yang will be my main, I am trying to figure out all the styles and characteristics of the characters to see which suits me the most. Any advice on this would be welcome.

I didn’t mean that they would link. I also forgot to put ex as optional in front of slash. I usually just barely whiff the overhead or it hits really deep and then start slashing or act like I’m backing up and then far standing hp in case they let off guard and improvise from there…

Yang is a good choice as a main. Not too common and he can get on a serious roll fucking people up.

VS Jumpers

If up close, anything that hits will keep them grounded
at a distance: psychic neutral jump hk, it’s safer than you’d think
vs characters with instant otg moves (oro, gouki, urien, ibuki not so much): close mk for juggle

I forgot about jumping hk with the twins. That shit beats out soooo much stuff

lol I know…that damn jumping HK is the reason why my ground techs with Alex hardly work.

Parrying them is funny though.

100% agreed. Try jumping roundhouse and jumping fierce, both neutral and lateral. When characters jump in, these two (when timed right) almost always stuff or trade with the opponent’s moves.

I would also recommend trying far fierce when you’re at a safe distance and your opponent doesn’t have a super/normal to counter it with. This works as a good catch on the ground and a solid anti-air if you want to stay grounded. Aside from that, keep looking for opportunities to connect those slashes and build meter for EX slashes (unless you’ve got the seiei enbu stuff down).