Keeping up the pressure!: the crouch medium kick?

Ok so I’ve been playing with Cody lately and i’ve noticed he has some great pokes and normals that propel him forward to keep up the pressure, mainly the forward medium punch and crouch medium kick. However, I noticed something about his crouch medium kick. It seemed like everytime i got in or kept up with my opponent with it i get hit afterwards unless i blocked. So i checked the frame data and noticed it was -6 on block and -3 on hit! So why use this? I mean, if Cody players have to block after it because of its frame DISadvantage, no point of using it right because their attackstrings are gonna push you away.

Sorry if my question/rant seems newbish, it was just my observation from playing cody for a couple of days.

You aren’t taking active frames into account. Moves with a lot of active frames (like slide kicks) are unsafe when used at point blank (which is what’s listed on a frame data chart) but can put you at +frames if used from farther away. Its like how Sagat’s tiger knee is listed as -15 or something ridiculous even though its safe when spaced properly.

ahhhh you’re right. lol DURHH i feel stupid now haha. thanks. Also, if used with good spacing, about how much frame advantage can it give Cody?

Its a very good move, though its not meant to be abused (of course). When you’re pressuring someone and you let off some steam to make them think its ok, that cr. mk counters so much.