Keeping up with it ... `


Simply put, how do you keep up with this game? I don’t know if I just lack the mental processing or what, but the game moves so damned fast … it feels like alot of blurs. To that end I never have time to settle in, get comfy, observe and go ahead with any strategy or set of movements.

How do you develop the skill, of keeping up with that much speed and that much movement?


you get used to it

much like a waiter for example
holding like 3 plates at once seems hard but for them, it’s the easiest thing in the world


You can speed up the learning process by studying move sets. If you can stomach playing through arcade with every character on point I guarantee it will improve your match awareness, missions are also a good way to learn character moves. Once you can recognize and understand all the moves being performed on screen without actively thinking about it, the game slows down a lot mentally. If your not into the whole grinding thing you could also watch a ton of marvel, you can absorb quite a bit just watching top pros.


be more like bruce lee