Keeping your combos

say you do something dope on tape or you show a good strategy and before you know it, someone stole your shit. Sure I’ve stolen some stuff I’ve seen on tape but I want what I learned on my own to stay with me as long as possible. Is there a time and place when you should bust out something new? I think playing with what is already known is the best strat when your being taped unless someone else can think of something. I just dont know what I should show and what I shouldnt.

Bust it out as early as possible so that people can steal it and everyone can put it into action. Then you can find out if it really is ‘dope’ or if it is a gimmick.

This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.

Your gonna “save” “your” combos? Don’t be a fucking idiot. Just play. Use whatever it takes to win. No one cares what you think you made up.

^alittle rude aren’t we…

anyway what poster #2 said is true. If you find something new you should do it so that people find out if it’s good or not.

take AHVB, 3rd day marvel is out and Duc do invents a combo that makes cable 4th best in the game.

If it’s taped, why worry about not being given credit?

i agree. some moves are given credit .

If you find something new, tell me what it is so I can do it in a tournament before you do and I can take credit for it.






But seriously, if you find something that works, use it. There’s no reason for hiding any of your tricks.

i don’t really see the point in this…you yourself have admitted to “stealing” combos…don’t really see it that way…i’ve seen things in videos that i couldn’t do even if i tried mainly all magneto…and i won’t try cuz he’s such a flamer…but thats the whole reason why you play isn’t it? to show your stuff and they say imitation is the highest form of flattery…dont’ know how true that is…it all comes down to execution and form

Rush down to the patent office quick - any mofo steals your shit , you get royalties!!! :looney: :looney: :looney:

i agree with parry person.

…it was dope when valle saved his shit for the finals vs choi in the b3 tapes…

why would you show everything you have? Thats just plain dumb especially during tourney play. You can easily surprise your opp with something if you keep little combos and tricks to the side. That little hit\setup you need could make or break a match or kill a character. I’ve seen it done to many times. Otherwise its game over because nothing you do will surpries the opp. If you have good tricks\combos in your “bag” its very probable that you can beat someone whos better than you because THEYLL NEVER EXPECT WHAT YOUR ABOUT TO DO.

clocwork will probably hit you with his doctor doom super about 90% of the time and youll never know why. He’ll dhc strider in and good luck after that. He steals alot of matches because the people hes fighting against dont know the trick. Alot of top players have shit like that.

I dont think wong would of won 4 evo mvc2 titles if he showed everyone what he was doing. Hes keeping shit to himself because hes still winning tournies.

looks at 2 red bars

Well I guess I don’t have to say you’re an idiot.

And Wong wins because he has super execution and won’t mess up. What is there to save? It’s marvel you dummy.

keeping your combos is stupid

  1. you don’t learn if you never bother to “steal” other people’s combos
  2. you don’t get better if nobody ever comes up with a way around your combos beacuse you’ll rely on that and you wont learn anything.

Wow. When you actually have an opportunity to use a combo nobody’s ever seen, why wouldn’t you do it? Once you’ve already got the combo set up, the rest of the combo is free for you to take advantage of.

Unless by showing them the combo you just give away all your rushdown tactics…

that’s the fucking truth

on someone I knew I could beat no. No reason to give away your good shit when someone whos capeable of beating could be watching. I would only use it against someone if that trick would gurantee a dead character or possibly win the game. Even then I would still think about if I could win that match w\o it depending on the persons skill. If i was losing and had the oppurtunity, I still wouldnt do it. and yes by showing them I do give away more than a combo. My next setup could be anticipated. Even though they dont know whats coming at least they know its coming this time around and could possibly stop it. John syndell did this to me at a tourney. If I didnt play him during casuals I would of had a better shot of beating him during the tourney. I showed him my good shit during casuals and he blocked it when the tourney came around.

hmmm i wonder how he blocked it. Maybes its because hes seen it before? nah that couldnt possibly be it… and yes the first time I did the combos I hit him. If I saved that for the tournament I wonder what could of happened…


  1. I clearly stated that I steal combos\strats all the time. It was my first post.
  2. I play against friends and I tell them to try to stop it. I even take it to training mode and tell them to try to stop it their. I pick one team so im always playing against counters for my strats.

I could list a 1000 reasons why you shouldnt show everything but no one is going to listen. Might as well stop the thread right here because its going to keep going in circles.

It would only keep going in circles because you’re pig headed.

Your kind of thinking is what helps to further aleinate people from this already small scene. Way to go.

depending on what character you are using, you might wanna save shit.

this thought could easily be applied to Clockwork.

However for some characters and teams, you should always have a Plan B.

For example Msp, you could save the pretty ones for finals or something, but you should still have a mix up that gets the same job done.

Btw parryperson…stop being such little bitch.

fair enough, but still. you keep arguing about it, and as stated, it will keep it going in circles. this is getting to be like the worst fighting game thread, where this ONE guy is INSISTING that DoA is a great fighter… it will only keep going in circles if the most ignorant continue to be ignorant. think about that. i’m done with this argument, so i’m clean of that guilt.