Keeping your cool during a match

I’ve been playing SF since 1991, and I’m not afraid to post here!!! :arazz:

Anyway… A lot of the time when fighting other people, I’ll lose my cool and do lots of stupid things that I wouldn’t normally do. Also, in training mode my execution is always flawless, but again when I go up against other people all that seems to just fall apart.

So I was just wondering, what can I do to just keep my cool during a fight and not get all flustered when something goes wrong? It’s really irritating that I fall apart under pressure.

Thank you.

If you truly have been playing Street Fighter since, 1991, then that problem should have been long past you. However, you best bets are too make sure you understand the game thoroughly, are comfortable pulling off combos and such that deviate from what you would do in practice. For example, you know how to do a FADC Ultra in practice mode, but would you be able to pull it off outside your “safe” realm, in a real match? Those things are key.

And at the very least, if you have been playing since the beginning, then just remember that YOU ARE A GROWN ASS MAN and probably could pound the snot out of most of the opponents that you would face. That should calm you down right there. Not trying to be anything but realistic. You have to be at least in your late twenties if you started with the World Warrior.

A little to Zen for some people, but I thought it was a great read.

I see what you’re saying Dash. That’s one of my problems, though. I go into a match with kind of an arrogant mindset, and that isn’t healthy at all lol. And yeah I’m 23 years old. It’s just that like whenever I start fighting, the nerves get to me and it’s always been that way no matter what, and I’m looking to finally overcome it.

edit: also thanks for that link del1rium. That was a very fantastic read. It’s all very true. Sometimes I’ll be super focused and completely pummel my opponents.

WOW! What a great article. Thank you for linking that.

I lose my cool after I get knocked down, seriously. I can’t properly do combo’s I inevitably mash buttons (I think it’s because I grew up playing tekken 3 a lot).

You know i always found that going in with the attitude “I’m gonna get 1st hit” works then when i get first hit i switch to “I’m gonna land (combo title) next” and just build from that… I just recently started playing competitively and that’s worked decently for me… Or i just go in there sometimes saying “I’m gonna play and have fun I know my skills let’s see if I can improve”

Don’t know if that’s gonna help you out much but its something to ponder on, also I have been playing since SF2 but like said recently started being more competitive, good luck with your endeavor Rugal

Locking yourself into trying to do one thing is going to be bad in the long run, just analytically look at your options, you can’t think I really want to do X, unless your just dicking around with someone.

Usually I have three to four attractive women fanning me off. It works pretty well for me so I would recommend trying that.

First of all, I’d quit saying you’ve been playing SF since 91. I don’t think you were much of a competitive player when you were 5 years old. Your experience mashing the controls not knowing what you’re doing doesn’t really count. You do admit you are arrogant, and I’m sure the deluded belief that you have 19 years of SF experience contributes to that.

I didn’t see anyone say I’ve been playing competitively and counting frames since 91. Was anyone doing this? Was there even a scene outside of local arcades in 91? When someone says “I’ve been playing since world warrior” do you automatically assume they’ve been attending tourneys for 20 years?

I too have been playing SF since world warrior and yes I was just a very little kid at the time playing on Super Nintendo. I think it attests more to the fact that you’ve been a long time fan. Not an expert. I’m assuming the minimum age for anyone to actually play at the level you consider minimal for having the privelage of claiming “I’ve been doing it since 91” is 15, and that’s pushing it. Such a person would be 35+ today.

I personally hope that I have enough of a life by age 35 that I’m not playing “competitively” and having trouble keeping my cool during a match.

I kind of assume when people say “I’ve been playing SF since X year”, they mean in a competitive sense, since this is SRK. It’s probably just a pet peeve of mine, but 99% of my male peers played SF on snes, or CE at some bowling alley in the early nineties. Doesn’t really mean anything.

I actually feel the same way. When people say I’ve been playing for “x amount of years” it shows more of a “I not a complete noob, look at this experience I have” more than a “I’ve liked the game for this long.”

I’m pretty sure EVERYBODY has played SF2 on the SNES, but that certainly doesn’t count as good experience. Pherai has a good point though, about saying when you actually started playing at a semi competitive level would be more accurate. I’ve played SF2 on SNES but it’d be a better indicator of experience for me to say that I’ve been playing fighters ever since MvC2.