Kel Mitchell - The Orange Soda Boy


:rofl: This dude is ridiculous. And he’s got a little footwork!

lawl. wow. orange soda boy…youuuuuu!

I never noticed when I was younger and watching kenan and kel…but he’s cute too.

Iunno about an orange soda boy cartoon though D:


Watch it blow up…

I’ve always liked Kel though.

It’s such a shame that he was typecast. I always thought he had more talent than Kenan. Just being typecast effed him up.

His mom was my Social Studies teacher in High School. He came to my High School twice when she worked there. Got that fools autograph.

You should check out his spoofs:

ERRVVERRYybodayy gonna do the Orange Soda Boy.

… what is he doing his own PR now?

I don’t think that would of won on Dance 360. xD

Kenaan and Kel are like the Wayans Bros. One can be smart and boring, and one can be funny and exciting.

wonderful! thanks for the info…

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can’t find any info on the show unless its a joke. anyways, i met him like 10 years ago when kenan and kel was actually the hit show on nick. he was at universal studios doing a live taping

wtf i thought he was dead? hahah. 3…6…0!!!