Ken about to SHORYUUUKEN someone's ass (+ some of other stuff)

Lo’ all. I’m new around this forum, so thought i’d say hi and unload ma artz on ya’ll.

C&c’s welcome.

I’m kinda new to the whole online-art scene, so i don’t have much.

the ken piece is easily your strongest.
it kinda looks as if the three pieces are done by three separate people. that’s not necessarily a bad thing though.
but yeah, i like the dynamic angle and implied action on the ken drawing, they really make this piece pop.
i’m not really digging the 2nd piece. the design is pretty cool, but the overall drawing isn’t that great. the pose looks kind of stiff and forced.

yup, and welcome to the forums. you have some real talent here. keep it up!

Glad to hear you like my Ken, that was probably the most fun do do . The 2nd piece (my OC, but you’ve probably figured that out) does look a little stiff, i agree. Poses aren’t my strong point :P. But i’m workin on it! (Ken was done after the OC XD). But if you have any tips for doing poses, that would be awesome-sauce.

Thanks for the welcome, and cheers for the comment :smiley:

Damn that ken is fierce!

However the placement of the fist and the foot bothers me. The foot shoudn’t be sitting flat like that if he’s doign a dragon punch since his toes would be pointing toward the ground more. I would make the canvas a bit bigger so his fist isn’t so close to the edge.

3rd piece I can’t really tell what the ground is suppose to be and the planets would look a lot better if one woudl to overlap the other a bit and was darker/lighter so we know for sure which one is in front/behind.

i like the angle for the first one… its different

also whats the story behind the 3rd…two planets hitting each other?