Ken and Ryu - Their Differences

What is the difference between Ken and Ryu? Obviously they have different move sets, but they also have the same in some cases. And seeing that as they are both shotos, what makes them different in SF3? Ken is higher tier, I think its because his moves are faster and a lot of combos, that can lead to SA3.
Are their dashes different? I would think Capcom designed the 2 of them to be balanced, and not Ken to be so much better. What things make them different, I think studying these will help Ryu to be played at a higher level.

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Overall Ken just has better versatility and is very well-rounded. He’ has better pokes, a better SA and more favorable match ups. Ryu isn’t a slouch by any means and I personally prefer him over Ken in 3s, but there are reasons for Ken being ranked #3 in the game. I suggest you check out some of Dashiken’s matches to see for yourself.

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The reason I asked the difference was that I noticed Ryu and Ken share many things in common in terms of the game system. I did a tatsu with Ryu and Ken did it at the same time when we were close to each other. Both characters bounced backwards and fell in the same way. I think it is the same when both do shoryuken. I mean, even the croching HK are identical (I think). I just wonder what really makes Ken so different (and better)?

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Yeah I have always thought that Ryu was ‘normal speed’ and stayed strict to the original fighting style taught by Gouken, so his hits are true and stronger than Ken.
Ken was a bit more creative and adventurous and was more faster and furious, but his hits are a bit weaker than Ryu.

I always thought that this was the trade off for either players and it balanced out. Like originally Ken was just the same as Ryu, then they added these trade offs. I thought they balanced out. And in SF Alpha 3, this was the case too, I think Ryu was even a little bit better.

How come in SF3, Ken became better? I mean, Ryu’s hits are pretty strong, I was surprised by his damage when I first used him in SF3.

ken has the better super, hit confirms, and speed all ryu has is power see how this works?

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Well it really just comes down to versatilty plus Ken doesn’t really have any disadvantages. He has great pokes,excellent mobility,a good C.MK SA and exceptional normals. The onyl slight counter match up agaisnt him is Chun and even then it isnt entirly lopsided. IMO he is the best character pound for pound in 3s.