Ken Army Lobbies for XBL/PSN

Since there was some interest in the general discussion thread about getting the troops together for a lobby on Xbox Live, I figured I would create a separate thread for it. I know there is a separate matchmaking thread, but that’s usually for setting up intimate 1-on-1 affairs. In addition to what will undoubtedly be amazing Ken mirrors, I’d like to see if we could invite the occasional special guest to help us out with the tougher matchups.

Currently the plan is for me to host on Wednesday nights around 10pm eastern time since that’s the one night I don’t have anything going on locally, but feel free to set up your own shindigs on other nights on Live/PSN/GFWL

Post up with your Live tag and availability, and I’ll do my best to either send you a friend request or invite when the room is up.

If you would like to beat me to the punch and send me a FR, my tag on Live is Chachitown Fair.

ImagineVC is considering streaming the lobby starting next week. Once I get some decent streaming equipment, I’ll probably look into taking over since I’m interested in streaming myself and I want to build up my chops…

Lobby is up now on Xbox Live. Send a message to my tag (Chachitown Fair) and I will send you an invite.

I’ll keep it up for a few minutes, if it doesn’t get any traffic I’ll shut it down and give it a go another time. It’ll be tough getting people away from Big Two and WNF…

You people are prejudice against PSN players.

Thursday evening - Sunday works better for me, I have work mon-thurs. I could probably squeeze in a few games wednesday night but can’t stay for the full session

I’m going to leave dates open until I get a better idea of when everybody would be available. I sent out some more FR’s to certain Ken players of note.

DRS MCZ Chris’s friends list is full, but I’ll send him an invite if we have enough bodies in the room.

when ever for me. Ikaru Montoya on XBL and Ryan_Unlimited on PSN.

Is it ok if we can play some games on the PSN? If you are ever playing on it?

I’m free on Wednesday and Friday nights. Some Kendless matches sound fun.

XBL: phoeuth2k

I already added you to my friends list but Wednesday typically is bad for me. I have 6 hours of class that day and then I go to the gym after that. I have free time after midnight on Wednesday.

Xbl: TheBlackHombre

Sure anytime.

I’m looking to give it another go later tonight around 9pm eastern/6pm pacific time. For those who can’t make it, I’ll see if I can run some quick sets individually.

I’m online now, x Fried Gold x

Sorry guys, had an impromptu TTT2/UMvC3 session run late. Online now

Whoever bowflexmikey, your connection is showing green… I call fraudulent

Thanks! My PSN: Proverbs21

Touchdown- I think we had some wars in PSN ranked awhile back. If I hadn’t of sold my PS3 (family emergency popped up :frowning: ) I would have loved to run it back with you.

To those in the 360 lobby tonight- Great games, you guys brought a lot of tech to the table that I personally need to work into my game more. Good times.

Awwh man, That means I just need to get an xbox! We could run it back then.

Apologies to those I forgot to send FRs/invites to. Next time.

Those matches were pretty fun, except its not too fun when you are on the other side of the kara throw mixup (lol!).
I can’t believe I got hit by the bowflex special, because I usually run that stuff on people.

d_dollars on psn. keep in mind that i’m EC.