Ken Avatar Request

Can someone make for me an avatar with ken doing his Shoryureppa?
to be specific, the avatar will have him in the final hit of the move (where his fist is on fire) and the backround will have fire (like in CvS2 menus)

If anyone can do this, I’d really apreciate it :o

No i can’t, but check this Avatar i made of Violent Ken. :tup:

very cool; but is anyone using it? if not then I’d like to use it :bgrin:

Yes you can use the Avatar, but tell the people were you go it from and who made it: FCEEVIPER… thanks


Snaaaaake: yours is better…

sweet :clap:

not to be nitpicky but It seems to be missing something. the right side looks like It needs something but I don’t know what…Still pretty badass.

im bored so im going to give it a try.

here you go

very nice :clap:

snaake, how long do you spend knocking up these ‘avs’? lol