Ken Avy

Seeing how I suck with computers and what not I was wondering if somebody could make me or send me an already made Ken avatar. I like the ones that look like pherai’s where it’s a bar and not a portrait. If I could get Ken in his white costume with the black belt that would make my day. Until then my avy will be ass.

If you provide a pic of ken in the white attire, I’ll make an av

Otherwise, it’s just gonna have to be in his red attire?

:u: for any street fighter iii related avs, this site is your best friend.

Check it
I wish I could do sprite animations. Streak is there a special program you can use to slap those on?

Adobe ImageReady.

Thanks for everybody’s input I love the one you made Luciano and if I could rep I’d deff give you some lolol. If you every learn to do the sprite animations send one my way plz. I’ll add you as a friend cause your awesome.