Ken combo how?

crossup mk,, lp srk, lp srk. I remember watching this a video of this combo a while back and i tried the combo yesterday but i couldnt get it. I was wondering if you have to kara the 2nd srk?

maybe this combo doesnt even work but i seen a double srk from a combo out the corner.

Yes that’s a kara-shoryuken.

Any combo with a double shoryuken mid-screen is karaed. Except for strong-fierce xx double shoryuken on Q, and fierce xx double shoryuken on Elena and Necro (?).

sigh having to kara the srk is soo gay. the kara is lk right?

kara is rh

You can either kara using a forward or roundhouse, whichever is fine.


and whats the timng like. Is it sorta of like ryu’s kara throw? can you, s.fp, doube lp srk? and what about the crossup with the same combo

Kara shoryu is with LOW forward or roundhouse.

Once you do the dp motion, keep the stick in d/f position and drum, c.lp. It’s very hard to get concistantly. You can use which is slightly easier, but gives you more range, so it’s kind of even with both attacks.

so in theory i could double srk anywhere on the screen?

will the kara srk link to a double srk 100% of the time? or does the c.rh give me the best chance to hit everytime.

I notice ken flies a little further out during his kara srk is this the only visual kara confirm?


vs. Q, Elena and Necro you don’t need to kara the second jab Shoryuken. out of those 3, Q is the easiest to hit. you can even do s. strong, s. fierce x jab Shoryu -> jab Shoryu.

it won’t link. it’s a juggle. and if you execute it properly and if you’re within reasonable distance, then yes, it should connect 100% of the time. i first got it to go using c. forward, but i use c. roundhouse more often.

the only useful visual confirmation is that you juggled someone not named Q, Elena or Necro with 2 jab Shoryus outside of the corner. it’s pretty difficult to accurately gauge if you got it right or not if you’re not attempting to juggle someone.

vs. certain characters in the corner, you still have to kara. Yun/Yang, Oro, Dudley are a few of those. if i recall correctly, even kara jab Shoryu will not work on Alex. he just falls weird.


i suck at this kara srk

can you, jab srk, kara sa2?

and if you can kara sa2 do you have to drum 2 kicks?

If you are going to waste the super this way, it’s easier to cancel the jab dp into the super, anyways it’s a combo, and you are going to get a HUGE damage reduction. I wouldn’t do it.

And to kara sa2… I think you should do it that way, pressing rh when you are doing the second qcf and you are down-forward, then pressing the other kick… I’ve never done it, it must be hard, but I think it is posible, like yun’s kara command grab.

^^I wouldn’t waste your time with it.