Ken Combos 101

ok im looking for a decent list of BnB combos for ken. I dont really know them and cant seem to find much of any use explaining such a basic concept.

im not specifically looking for links or cancels into SA but they would be useful too.

the only ones i seem to do are really lame like s.lp - s.lp - dp or - - QCB+K and finally stuff like dash in - s.hp

thanks for the help in advance!


Well,a useful thing to use is the,since it can cancel into either shippu or ex tatsu for pretty good damage. If you’re close enough,you can follow up a close fierce with a jab Shoryu,too. That’s what I usually use,but wait on some experts’ input,too.

cheers dude, i wil give some of those a try

here is some ken combos (it’s from the srk forum it’s just a copy i didn’t do it myself but i forgot the authors sorry -_-):

for punishment purposes, there are only 4 combos you have to remember:

  1. s. mp x s. hp [x fireball] xx SA3 - use this if you haven’t got the timing down to punish the faster
    recovering moves/supers as it’s faster than any combo that begins with s. fierce

  2. c. mk xx SA3 - perfect for long range punishment of moves such as a whiffed sweep, whiffed
    throw attempt, etc.

  3. s.hp x MP Shoryu xx SA3 - most damaging option. perfect for blocked supers or missed

  4. c. mk x MP Shoryu xx SA3 - use when s. fierce is out of range. i.e., you’re not immediately next to Dudley and you parry his c. strong. Ken’s s. fierce is gonna whiff if you try it, so use c. forward x strong Shoryu xx SA3 for bigger damage than just c. forward xx SA3.

SA combo:

  • >, xx SAIII

  • > c.lp > xx SAIII

  • (close) x s.hp [xx fireball] xx SAIII

  • xx SAIII

  • srk (preferably mp and doesn’t work with LP shoryu) xx SAIII

  • > SAIII

  • (not close) > SAIII

  • b+mk > SAIII (opponent must be crouching, probably best at close range)

  • UOH > SAIII (the UOH has to hit opponent late in animation for the link to work)

these are for the SA3 combos.

for shoryuken you can do:

(close) x s.hp x LP (exclusively) shoryu

(close) x shoryu

(close) s.hp x shoryu

(close) s.lp x shoryu

(close) > s.lp x shoryu (not on sean and remy)

(close) > c.lp x shoryu

(close) > x shoryu x shoryu (I think it won’t work at max range but no need to be extremly close)

double LP shoryu from mopreme site( :

when something work for a character everything below work too.
kara-shoryu is when you cancel a or into a shoryu in the early frame so that the doesn’t come out.
You can do it with this input f>d>df+mk/hk and just after lp/mp/hp (just a fraction of the second after).

Midscreen: x s.hp x LP shoryu > LP shoryu

  • Q x LP shoryu > LP shoryu

  • Necro, Elena

s.hp x LP shoryu > LP Kara-shoryu

  • Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro x LP shoryu > LP Kara-shoryu

  • Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Sean, Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro, Urien

Corner: x s.hp x LP shoryu > LP shoryu

  • Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Sean, Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro, Urien, Elena x s.hp x LP shoryu > LP Kara-shoryu

  • Remy, Ibuki, Hugo

s.hp x LP shoryu > LP Kara-shoryu

  • Yun, Yang, Oro

for pushing your opponent in the corner you can use the Ex hadoken (d>df>f+two punch buttons): x Ex hadoken x s.hp x Ex hadoken

Throw setups: > walk forward > throw > kara-throw ( i think it’s bad because ken’s kara-throw is hard to pull out) > > dash > throw

UOH (mp + hp) > walk forward > throw

on crouching opponent : > s.lp whiff > throw

Don’t ever use ex tatsu on the ground. daima pretty much covered everything

i think you can use Ex tatsu for chipping, but otherwise yes never use tatsu while playing ken.

tetsu i have found is really unreliable - i only found it useful to mix up EXtatsu in the air to get in close and get a knock down.

thaat list is absolutely awesome, much better than what resourses i found!

ill give em a whirl today!


You can link or cancel SA3 off;

Near: :lp:, :mp:, :hp:, :l: + :mk:, :r: + :hk:
Far: :lp:, :mp:, (:hp: versus crouching Hugo).
Crouch: :lp:, :mp:, :hp:, :lk:, :mk:
Jumping: Everything! (Except regular hurricanes)
Rolling throw into the corner.
Link after cross-through EX Hurricane (versus Elena and Twelve).
Cancels off all Shoryukens.
Cancels off all Hadokens.
Cancels off all Hurricanes.

:mp:, :hp: xx SA3 is a hit confirm, not a punishment combo.

MP,HP XX SA3 is a hitconfirm and a punisher. There are moves that can’t be punished by 6 frame normals such as close HP and c.MK while they can be punished by 4 frame normals, like close MP. Yun’s dashpunch is a good example.

Yeah,I started noticing how unreliable it can be. It took me while. It was just THE option for me at first because I still couldn’t consistently pull off a Shippu off the

Any recommendations for punishment combos you should use when you don’t have a super ready?

c.MK X LPsrk -> karaLPsrk
MP© X LPsrk -> karaLPsrk
HP X HPsrk
HP X MPsrk XX SA3 <— often you’ll get enough meter to ready the super, the same applies to MP,HP chain.

newb question, but how do you kara srk?’

EDIT: Nvm says at the top :slight_smile:

Is there a way to tell if you’re doing it correctly other than doing two srks midscreen? I can only get it around half of the time :\

you can look @ the 2 and visually tell which one is a kara. The kara dp kinda goes more out than a regular dp so thats a good cue. Get familair with lp dp and when you know what it looks like, keep trying kara dp’s so you can see the difference for yourself.

Be sure to make a Z motion for shoryuken, after that it’s just a matter of pushing buttons in the right order.

I your doing it against another Ken you can tell if you kara’ed on the first frame if the second srk hit. You can tell if you did it too late if you miss and when you land your Kens foot is touching the other Kens foot (make sure quick roll is off). And you can tell if you did it too early if you miss and your Kens foot is about 1/3 of an inch away from the other Kens foot when you land and he gets up. Just make sure you dont move your character when you land and you can use this method to determine if you are doing the kara srk too early or too late.

Does, xx SAIII do a lot less damage then, s.hp xx SAIII? What if the opponent was croutching on hit?

What does “cross up” mean? Is it true that Ken’s MK in the air is his best cross up? Can someone briefly tell me why?, does 4 damage, MP,HP does about 20, so yeah, MP,HP XX SA3 does a lot more damage then, XX SA3, crouching will make it something like 6 damage vs 30 damage.

Crossup is a method to hit your opponent in the back and force him to block the other way. c.MK is Ken’s best cross up move because the hitbox is on both legs and that means it will hit anything below Ken and anything behind Ken, his other air normals do not have this property and ex tatsu does not allow a combo into SA3.

things about Ex Tatsu on ground.

Ex tatsu is not so bad as a wake up move.Its safe on block becomes air borne so im guessing if they hit you out of it ur still good unless they meaty. It does decent damage and gives you alot of space away from corner.

Also in most cases where a shoryuken will whiff after a standing mp hp chain, an Ex Tatsu will hit…Can someone verify this?You could just do an ex hadouken instead but the ex tatsu stuns more(tested)

Theres a tourney at my local arcade today ill try some of the crap i say out myself and hopefully it works :sweat:

ex tatsu is reversable by any character with a 3 or less frame super, so no, it’s not a good idea. IIRC you enter shoryuken range aswel.