Ken Combos 101

after a mp x hp any shoryuken except the lp one will whiff, in some occasion lp shoryu will whiff though

Opponents have to be crouching for that. There’s also some cases where their moves push them back a whole lot after the MP,HP that the shoryuken can whiff.

Cool, thanks. How useful is, xx SA3 though? I read on some faq that that method is the easiest way to connect SA3. It’s much easier to block MP, HP than, since you have to block down for the,

Crossup is jumping slightly over the opponent and MK right?

The problem with c.LK, c.LK is the lack of range it has. If you are on mid to far range and you’re a bit confident you’re better off with c.MK XX SA3. c.LK, c.LK is better considered the counter mixup to MP,HP chain or b.MK. On certain characters it’s the counter mixup to tick throws(c.LK -> throw, c.LK -> wait -> c.LK,c.LK XX SA3). And in some cases where you used a deep but high j.HK you can confirm into the SA3(to check whether what you did actually still combos).