Ken combos and frame trap



somebody could help with combos, im tired of c.lp c.lp shoruy or mk ex tastu or mk hadoken or kara throw… the problem is im always looking to my lk to start combos, and because im not sure with frame trap, i become a very predictable oponent when i face a good player.

im looking for new combos or something its become very boring playing ken


Kara grab that motherfucker until they get bored.
They tech?


Assuming you are a newb.
Go look up Ken’s frame data. Look at a move’s advantage on block/hit. For a good frame trap:

  1. A move that is -2 or more positive on block is hard for your opponent to punish.
  2. A medium or hard move that is +1 or higher on hit is valuable since on a counterhit they get +3 frame advantage ie a (+4 on hit) becomes +7.
    use those +7 frames to input something simple like or something difficult like kara srk combo.

At the current level of Streets, you have to try to make reads on your opponents’ focus and backdash options, instead of mindless combos. Also some input:
if they plain backdash not only do you sweep OS, you can .clp blockstring to stop them from trying to even backdash as the will hit low against his standing backdash inputs. He cannot reversal or focus out of this. Also Ken’s Kara throw has enough range after this to grab them.

Again even grab/trap pressure is not that great, they can OS grab/focus. If you throw he techs it, if you trap he focuses it. Depending on which char and how they play you make reads…make read…


Throw in some cr.hp in there. Hit those cr.lp cr.hp one framers or St.lp cr.hp for an easier link when needed. Remember cr.hp forces stand, good to land an ex tatsu with on a crouching opponent., cr.lp, cr.hpxxhado is a good frame trap and good to fadc forward on block or hit for good pressure and corner push. If you catch the cr.hpxxhado frame trap and you fadc forward you can u2. cr. Lp , step back, see the come out and then Kara throw is a good set up for cr.tch mashers, mix in the frame traps from before.


nice thank you