Ken Combos

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months(and still suck). I probably have the most scrubbiest Ken yet. This is the first character I’m learning since he is one of the basic characters to learn. I want to learn his combos but I tried looking them up online and I couldn’t fine a good source. What combos do you guys suggest?

In terms of basics.

cr. lk > cr. lp > HP SRK
cr. lk > cr. lp > cr. mk xx EX Tatsu
cr. lk > cr. lp > s. lp > cr. hk

Not as important, but still good.

cr. mp > HP SRK
cr. mp > cr. mk xx EX Tatsu

Great movie beesuit! Really helps me out as a beginner on ken :slight_smile:

Don’t forget your main punish: cl.HK xx hp dp