Ken compared to Ryu

Are there any reasons why someone would want to play Ryu over Ken?

Ken’s Strong Fierce. Can be done on a standing or ducking opponent. Can combo into various other things.

Ryu’s Fierce Roundhouse. Can be ducked under by many characters.

I know there are others. Anyone have any comments?

because he’s a different character. he has different specials and supers and normals. this isnt SFII anymore

Any specific reasons?

I’m half-expecting “Ken is the fast character and Ryu is the power character!” now.

ryu has the dejin which is a lot of fun…
the shin sho is great for parry super…

and he has a lot of FUN combos… ken is boring.

Sounds good. Can you post these?

I personally prefer Ryu’s ES Hurricane to Ken’s, but beyond that, I don’t have many reasons. My Ken tends to do better than my Ryu.

of course your ken does better then your ryu ken is a top tier character

try playing with them and looking up combos and moves and stuff maybe?

The only real advantage I notice with Ryu is that there’s more you can do off a sweep-range c.MK. With Ryu you can do any normal hurricane, EX hadou, short Joudan, or SA1; Ken is limited to EX hadou or SA3 in that situation.

Ken can also do an ES Hurricane.

I assume that’s the short sidestep kick.

Ken’s EX Tatsumaki isn’t much good on the ground, unlike Ryu’s. Ken’s is killer in the air though. Ryu’s EX Tatsumaki, if done on the ground, is great for throw mixups because 1) you can’t be thrown from it and 2) there are very few things that can do a reversal on it (Shippu and Corkscrew can). so i’m guessing anything with a 3 frame start up.

I left out EX hurricane because most players rarely use it on the ground, as Kal El said.

Some other possible advantages Ryu has:
-close MK can’t be parried low. Sometimes you can stuff the other guy’s low parry attempt with it <- Ken doesn’t have the move
-standing MP can be canceled, Ken’s can’t (not that it matters much, since Ken can link an SA3 off it…)
-Ken has no mid range specials that do good stun or damage (SA3 partially makes up for this)
-Ryu has the non-top-tier psychological factor / not everyone and their cat plays as him (unlike Ken)
-Ryu’s jump MP hits twice; might annoy people trying to air parry it



close fierce xx ex sidekick, shoryuken/reset throw attempt

That’s why I like Ryu, I prefer Ken but Ryu’s juggles are more fun.

ryu IS a power character and stuns much faster than ken. however, i like ken better than ryu, just cause of his godly saiii.

ryu has plenty of combos you can play around with, while ken is usually limited to combos that end with shoryukens or whatnot (who’d use a fireball / tatsumaki as a combo ender anyway).

something good after the ex donkey

(midscreen) you dash near falling opponent,jab reset, cross under, 90% you can land a combo of your choice…:smiley:

-Ken has a better cross up than ryu, namely J.MK.
Ken’s J.MK cannot be ducked. When blocked, Ken still has the frame advantage, setting Ken up for a mix-up situation.

-Ken’s EX hurricane kick can travel across the screen, making it useful for air-to air battles, cross-ups and juggles. Ryu’s stay in one place, making it ideal for up-close airborne battles, also for heavy damage.

anti-air srk xx shin shoryuken

the only reason i play ryu wahahahaha scrubtastic