Ken exp >>> cykes aaa?

what are your opinions on this? i think it’s retarded but i need to shut someone up.

Back when I first started playing the game I used to use that expansion assist all the time. I don’t think it’s terrible if it connects it does help setup for a good number of combos, but I don’t think it can compete with cyclops’ assist. Maybe have a 3 ken vs 3 cyclops fight to decide? I dunno, but that would be pretty crazy.:looney:

I was just reading this on GameFAQs lol. But anyways, I said that it has like 2 more hits so it’s not too much of a twitch combo starter, hit’s a little more horizontal so it can maybe hit a little easier, but it lacks invincibility. I still find Ken aaa to be better than his exp for the simple “Get off me” factor.

No way.

Cyke, Psy, doom, sent drones, tron, cammy, BH etc. all have way better assists. I could go on all day talking about better assists.