Ken Fighter: 3

i hate ken dittos… so boring,

post here if you agree with me and your reasons why you dont like em

maybe you should post your reasons first and see what others have to say.


I hate fighting any mirror matches but Ken Ken is actually one of the more interesting mirrors in 3s

I think it’s because 3s Ken is probably the most well rounded character in the history of fighting games,requiring knowledge of everything he has to win.

i feel like its just too boring… even watching daigo vs alex valle at evo 2k6 was boring cuz they do the same thing to eachother. whoever gets the first special off usually wins from what ive seen :confused:

thats just my opinion tho lol

that’s actually a really bad example of a ken/ken mirror match



Also, if you watch 3s matches passively like you watch TV I can see how ken/ken is boring, and also why’d you’d be bored by someone capitalizing on a knockdown.

first special off doesnt mean that person usually wins… -__-

one more great ken mirror match:

I don’t like watching Ken mirror matches but I enjoy playing them. I have yet to see a high level Twelve, Sean, Elena, Oro, Hugo, or Necro mirror match.


Kuroda VS MOV

Elena Mirror

Final destination.

I saw some Twelve mirrors on the Kuroda DVD…

Extremely tedious match to play out.

maybe this is how i really feel? O.o


This is one of my favorite Ken mirrors, though they’re all awesome to watch(that KO/Deshiken one is sick). Only in 3rd Strike could I not only actually enjoy watching Ken, but Ken MIRRORS.

old twelve mirror from takehana’s site