Ken Fighter IV (PC Version)

We all know the joke Ken Fighter 4 (flowcharts, rosters, etc.). But my good friend Sleazoid and I have taken the liberty to alter the PC version of SF4 to give everyone’s character model as Ken while keeping their movesets intact. Enjoy.

Part 1 - Sagat/Viper, Balrog/Gouken

Part 2 - Fuerte/Chun, Seth/Dhalsim

Part 3 - Ken/Rufus, Guile/Akuma, Abel/Gen

Part 4 - Chun/Honda, Dan/Zangief

Part 5 - Guile/Fei-Long, Rose/Bison

Part 6 - Blanka/Sakura, Cammy/Balrog, Ryu/Ryu

*Vega can’t be turned into Ken due to some discrepancies regarding his claw and mask.

LOL this shit is awesome.

Ruken (Rufus/Ken) has monkey arms!