Ken general overview/potential, options and more!



Hello guys, I’m going to start a little project of mine, the name/purpose of course It’ll remain a secret, for now. However I’d like the help of the community on this. I’ll need some information about the character, I’m do this for every character in the game except Toro/Kuro/Cole/Megaman, so I’ll ask a few questions to gather what I need. I’m doing this but I won’t be a slacker, as in, I’ll be searching every thread to look for what I need, but since some threads aren’t updated in a while, this would be helpful to me and for the community, 'cause the information would be updated.

When giving the information asked try to be specific and clear, regarding inputs and etc, and if you want I’ll gather the values, so you guys won’t need to worry about that. The ideia is to get a general overview of the characters options and potential, I’m talking about hitconfirms, setups and etc.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

.What are the characters strong and weak points?

.Suitable Partners(no need to be exhaustive here, because I’ll play around with this):

.Meterless/Ex(Super/Cross Art) Combos:

.Char specific Setups(on knockdown for example):


I’m not too heavy into this game but since there’s no other post after two weeks, I feel like posting what little I know.

2-Frame Super
Has an uppercut
Long, fast pokes reach (cr.MK, f+MK)
Crumple/Ground bounce on CH (b+MK, f+HK, far HK)
Okay cross-ups (Tatsu, MK)
Easy hit-confirms. (cl.MK >cr.MK, Target Combo, st.LP > cr.MK, Rapid Lights xx Boost Chain)

Meh walk-speed.
Most normals are negative on block.
Meh Fireball.
Okay damage alone.

Solo Combos. (Mid-Screen Variation)/[Corner Variation]:
Choose one of the non-boost chain hit-confirms EX/Tatsu or HP SRK
TC xx LP SRK (>cr.MK)/[> cr.MP x3 > cr.HP] xx HP SRK
Standing hit-confirm xx EX Tatsu > cl.HP xx LP DP (>cr.MK)/[> cr.MP x3 > cr.HP]xx HP SRK
TC xx LP SRK (> cr.MK xx cl.HK)/
xx Super
TC xx CADC Forward > cr.LK combo.
CH Step-Kick > cr.LK combo.

After a launcher:
cr.MP > cl.HP (I believe you may have to walk forward slightly) > HP SRK
TC xx CADC Forward > cr.MK xx HP SRK
[cr.MP/cl.MK x3 > cr.HP xx HP SRK]

Style combos after launcher:
st.LP > b.MK > cr.MK xx HP SRK
cl.MK > f+MK > cr.MK xx HP SRK


A few more points, his heavy kick tatsu is great for tag cancelling so Ken makes a good partner for most characters. From this I feel like he’s best placed first. I’m pretty sure HP Shoryuken also leads to a safe block tag.
For Oki options he can feint his F+HK into lows.
For partners, pretty much anyone who can take advantage of his tag combos are good.