Ken General Thread: Go with the Flow



what do you guys think, I think his moves and what not look cool; I just think he looks really bad, whats up with his face and the clothes looks like they’re trying to appease to zelda fans


He looks great. and I’m glad his gi isn’t monotone anymore. He seems a lot like a KoF character with the same combo and reset potential as Evil Ryu.


Dude Andy Bogard is in street fighter v, i love that guy


He’s less of a shoto for sure, something I think we have all been dying for. He looks great (except that Legolas hairstyle is weird, needs getting used to).


I need to see more, they didnt show enough to know if hes cool or not. At the end they showed a face, it looked like Akuma to me.

Edit: just watched some of his gameplay. Dude looks fucking awesome!


Looking amazing, I guess this is post-Street Fighter III.


Akuma or Oni?


moveset looks great, was hoping they went really radical though… I mean like no fireball type stuff




neither, and wrong thread


Put it in the OP, OP.


is… is… is that a dive kick by any chance :o


Yes ex air tatsu seems a lot like a divekicks

He looks very mobile, I like it so far


I don’t think his design looks good at all, they’ve given him this stupid man bun haircut which a bunch of hipsters have nowdays…just a fail on the design really.


I like everything I’m seeing except for his atrocious hair.

Looks like his j. MK crosses up, similar to Ryu and Nash. I hope his air tatsu does as well since Ryu’s doesn’t. His V-Skill looks sweet, kind of like a Roman Cancel from GG and like Nash’s V-Trigger except without the air mixups and teleport.



I like his v-skill the most so far. It’s so versatile


Ok I have my main… But only if Adon or another new and awesome Muay Thai fighter won’t be announced




Dude looks awesome need to see some actual gameplay butt I am happy my favorite character is in.