Ken General Thread: Go with the Flow



I have an exam the day after the game is released, but if his safe jump oki setups still exist (people are saying they may have messed with MK Tatsu again) I’ll post up what they beat and what setup works on who by Thursday.

I’ll do it text based, but no promises on a video other then maybe uploading each setup separately since doing that on PS4 is super simple. No cohesive video with production values though.


Does kens jump ex tatsu have any invincibility? Or can it be anti aired with normals?


It’s pretty easy to hit him out of it if you get a button out, but it is really fast.


Send them all my way, and I’ll work on video versions for everything. New rig should be pretty good at capturing at a high quality and I have Vegas Pro ready to go.


Good luck bro


In SF4 I used to style with low tatsu fadc then wondered what could I do with it in SFV. Since tatsu is down back and critical art is down foward I tought it wasnt possible but I had to try it and it worked!

Is for styling tho but totally doable.

Btw : J. Hp, S. Hp x low tatsu, VT, H. Srk x critical art looks awesome.


Everything you said went completely over my head because of bearded Ken video.


This video made playing Ken look really fun.

He actually fights like a point/sport Karate guy in this. Stays at range then gets in, tags his opponent and gets out. If he gets a knock-down he can continue with solid pressure and mixups.

I haven’t played the betas but must admit i was starting to disregard Ken a little based on hearsay.

My interest has been officially piqued.


I still can’t get over the fact Ken must be the ugliest and worst created model they used in that video. You can clearly see the polygons, his skin tone looks fucked, his face just makes him look like a complete monster, … Like seriously he looks better in game if only by a bit.



I tought I was the only one that noticed. He looks like a SF ex model in the first shot of the video.


Gotta say, for some reason I want to play Ken. Guess I just want to play the underdog, and that’s what he seems like right now. It feels like a good way to learn the game, having to work hard by playing the underdog.


The entire thing looks pretty ugly IMO, I hate the style. Compare it to SF4’s CGI trailers and I think it pales in comparison. Subjective though so meh.

K E N A R M Y!

I’ve actually been trying to talk some friends into playing him, I feel like a charity service looking for handouts…everyone thinks he’s garbage lmao. I get that mentality though, you actually have to actively approach every opponent with some semblance of a proper thought process otherwise you’ll get bodied, no easy mode tricks or Birdie esque bullshit.


I am playing him no matter what, honestly I am not at a level where character strenght really matters. People, and me included, do too many mistakes for it to really matter.

I just really wish they would remake his face. He looks like a creep especially in the select screen.


Lots of people getting the game early, and judging by streams, all characters seem identical to beta 4. Of course I’m guessing on the 16th a day 1 patch will go live. Here’s to hoping Ken sees some slight buffs, probably wishful thinking :expressionless:


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guys…u said that some of those combs are not possible with Beta4 build… can u elaborate what combo ? cuz I think we can do all those combos with beta 4 but one at 1.30min
dunno how he does that 3hits MP DP while Vtrigger is on? (MP DP was 2 hits in beta4). Did they change that or what?


Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing balance changes on that day 1 patch.


To further add to that we don’t currently know all of the beta 4 > release changes, and the supposed “Day One” patch has already been applied to my knowledge. It isn’t identical to beta 4 I hope. I’d like to think some things have changed, just not all.


How much you wanna bet that Ken got nerfed again?


He is bed ridden now. Wheel chair was too much mobility. He was showing off by popping wheelies.


And at that moment, within the Capcom HQ…

Ken: Haha! I can’t wait to get fired up, when does the final version drop Ono-san??

Ono: …boys, seize him.

Capcom employees seize ya boy, breaking his legs and leaving him wheelchair bound, they spit on him as they prepare to throw him from upper levels of the building

Ken: Coughing up blood Ono-san…why?! Mike…Peter…let go of me!




Screams of terror echoed through the Capcom HQ…

Legends say Ken wasn’t heard from again until v2017…some say a mere few still attempt to play the character, Momochi even dropped him for Chun-Li like everyone was expecting, fuck you Momo…

TLDR; Yeah sure I’ll bet that.