Ken General Thread: Go with the Flow



Ahh, that’s an interesting input in theory, but prone to mistakes if you don’t plink LK~HP correctly (hence MGS getting the fireball). I do Forward+ST.LK -> Down-Forward -> Forward+HP and it’s 100% for me; very simple motion because you don’t have to go all the way back to Down.

Guess those hot pink pants didn’t help out too much :wink: Yeah man, once Sheed locks you in the corner it’s that double-hitting HP and EX.Tornado -> Roll all day.

The sad part is you can’t even EX.Tatsu out of the corner anymore in S2 since they removed the Tatsu Plink; I can’t find it in the patch notes right now but I remember reading about it somewhere and if you try plinking the EX.Tatsu now, you’ll notice you don’t get the float anymore, he just goes straight down.


can you make a video showing your inputs? I have yet to find a way that the dp will only come out on hit and not on block.


Rashid is pretty fuckin ridiculous, mostly from his corner escape options.


Oh no, it always comes out on hit/block. Helicity misspoke; he meant the ST.LK buffer that’s super useful for controlling the neutral, not a “confirm”. You’re supposed to whiff the move in front of your opponent to catch him sticking out a button or dashing in. Obviously if you mess up and hit his guard, you’re gonna get CCed. With a feel for spacing and some practice, however, you can stop a lot of the random shenanigans people get away with this game.

If you’re afraid of the CC, Mocha does ST.LK -> MK.Tatsu buffer which hits more reliably if you tag a far normal; I personally preferred ST.LK -> HP.DP for the damage.

I used to be able to do the auto-OS fairly-reliably in S1 after seeing Momochi using it on Birdie (one of the few chars with a frame 1 EX armor reversal, not counting Gief’s skill); they removed it in S2, but that’s the only real “one light auto-confirm” in the game AFAIK.

Unrelated, but anyone know how shit like late-cancel CR.MK and auto-OS ST.LP got discovered? Was Momochi just messing around in training mode one day and noticed he could do the tatsu super late or something, and BananaKen just randoming around with ST.LP? I don’t know how just looking at the frame data and/or “feeling it out” yields this sort of tech. Or do you have to unpack the game files and trawl through every move’s properties like ToolAssisted.


Oh ok so I actually know about this one.

Yes for the DP you do the dp motion first then lk + hp and it works 100% of the time 50% of the time since I suck. No but seriously it works great.

You can do it with ex.tatsu if you go super fast because you can’t input the motion before on this one, I am training this these days, seems very possible but I am inconsistent.


Yeah JSfinis got what I meant.
Also thanks everyone for the input, it’s really helpful for noobs like me, as there are a lot of non-obvious ways thing work in regards to inputs like this (and not really any single source where you can learn about everything)


That’s nice! I didn’t know about this one. Works really good. The only downsize is that the takes longer to come out coz you input the dp motion first. So I really need to test it out.

I’m used to my method with the hitbox. Works like a charm for me.

Show you the 3 ways:

  1. Classic: forward,, downforward, forward+hp (you can press hp while in downfoard, because of the negative edge)
  2. MochaLatte: forward, qcf,, hp (easier to confirm into CA)
  3. Hitbox way: forward,, downforward, up+hp (the trick is to hold forward the entire movement, then press, d, up+hp)

Edit 1: giving the right credit to mocha


I didn’t invent this. It was mentioned a few months back by Mochalatte.

Also the more I use it, the less the fact that you have to pre-buffer it matters, because the buffer is most useful in set play/habit catching situations, so it’s gonna be pretty deliberate anyway.


Thx. Edited to give the right credit.
Also, I noticed this method is the easiest to confirm into CA.






I think this might be old stuff. I apologize if that’s the case.

CC c.HK xx run, c.HK, NJ = 4 frame safe jump.
Only Ryu, Cammy, Akuma and Necalli have 3 frame invincible DPs and only spending one bar. So you can use it pretty much with everyone.

CC c.HK xx run, run, run, run = Push opponent to corner a long distance and you are still with 3 frames of advantage. Very good to shimmy and/or bait a DP after this sequence.

You have to run the minimal distance, which is 22 frames, and cancel into the next move.

Also, you can OS the Vskill after c.HK pretty much the same way as s.HP (almost the exact time, with a little more delay).


Better to dash than to run.


Run has a different timing than dash, so depending on the situation you may want to use run for a better meaty, or set up


any ideas guys?


it says “This video is private”, so my first idea would be to not set it to private. :wink:


haha I figured out what i was doing wrong. here you go


Really nice concept, man! But the way is presented doesn’t work. I was able to do c.lp without hitting on the last active frame.

But you gave me quite a good idea. With that same setup, you can go for on wakeup, which hits on 2nd active frame.

On block, you are +3
On hit, you are +6, so you can combo into or even if it is not a counter hit.
On counter hit, you are +8, so you can combo into TC2.

Thanx for sharing!


Rushy posted this, I didn’t know it was possible :


the tech is if you hit c.lp on last active frame it’s +4 on guard. thats why the beats the of the red ken. how you add this to your game is up to you.