Ken General Thread: Go with the Flow



I know. But this is not actually tech, since you are timing c.lp manually. Double dash c.lp doesn’t hit true meaty. That’s why I tried to improve upon your concept.


hey guys, I was ryu main in season 1 felt like i got to a decent level albeit just platinum. I liked to play patient and get in when i needed, enjoyed ryu a lot but because of the season 2 nerfs i just dont enjoy what they done to him. Ive been messing around with juri/cammy and while cammy i feel i do really well with, i just dont find her interesting enough. Its really just a case of akuma or ken but i feel akuma while really good just doesnt cope at my level due to the constant scrabble situations due to his health etc.
Ken i feel has more options once he has you in the corner compared to ryu also is more rewarding from knock down pressure, but im interested in what you guys think.


I think Cammy is just flat out better.

I also think Ken is much more awesome.

Kinda depends what you value more :slight_smile:


yeah cammy is really good I think I will still have her as a back up. but like I said she’s a bit dry for me.

haha Ken is awesome I kinda wanna know if he’s really that bad in season 2 as people say. I think he’s the best shoto


the best shoto haha. man people keep saying that like it’s a good thing. the best color shit is still a shit. shotos are just bad man…their tools are garbage in season 2. they get absolutely dominated in the neutral, which should let you know season 2 is bonkers already.

why do people think ken is the best shoto? ryu has better advantage and range on his buttons a two bar trigger. better cc combos 2 bar v trigger better fireball and a guard breaker.

ken is so easily defensed. at max he has nothing that combos outside of his ex moves. once ppl start back rising and stand blocking against him… he may have nothing.

another thing is you can’t trust kens tools. max range st.lp. mk whiffs, same thing with… upper will also whiff. and just for icing on the cake his ex dp is only 5 frames invincible, thats worst in the game.

I see why mocha went to karin but there are already 4 karin players in my small scene haha.

I’m just a scrub but this guy is pretty good with shotos.

here’s to hoping for buffs in season 225


I mean it’s not his main so obviously it’s harder for him even if he is great.

Momochi didn’t drop him so I think he is not that bad. He is not great tho that’s for sure.


sure it isn’t his main but if there is one thing Sam is amazing at, is shoto play. I think hes playing akuma now.

bonchan didn’t drop nash either, so that means he’s good right? momochi is in the highest caliber of player ability.

simply put I’m not asking for a complete revert to season one… but does his really need to be minus 4? how about making 0 on guard. how about some reduced push back on fix the push back on hit. yadda yadda.

kens ex dp needs a complete rework.

kit wise akuma is definitely the best shoto. his risk reward is ridiculously skewed though.


In fairness MGS, minus 3 or 4 is kinda the default for the cast on CR mk, with a few exceptions


Against Boxer VT combos to VS LP DP , EX DP doesnt work.It whiffs.
Combos leading to TC1xxVS , LP DP , EX DP or with HPxxVS etc


you defo make valid points , but with ryu you can let him throw you wake up and your back to winning again. You get nothing in terms of oki in corner just a freeze frame.
yeah your right this season is complete garbage with how the game is almost designed to be anti shotos.


apart from his guard break his v trigger is a joke. no comeback potential just combo extend an runs out so quickly. Ken at least has comeback potential and tons of corner carry with the damage to boot.
also you talk about cc buttons but please ryu’s cc hits high and is slower recovery this season which is bad. Kens Polly slower this season as well but at least you can hit crouchers


that is true. however the hit confirm and 2in 1 risk is much greater with ken. here’s what I mean. let’s compare ken to karin. Karina hit confirm into shoulder is relatively safe there’s a 3-4ish frame gap there. however if you’re just mashing she can after the and the chances of you getting crush countered are high.

ken has no safe 2 in 1. cr.mkxxhado is a recipe for disaster #1 it can be jumped, 2 it’s negative 8 on guard, 3 most of the cast have very easy ways to punish fbs. as far as his hit confirms go… into hp dp is not dependable at max distance. sometimes it works sometimes it whiffs…and when it whiffs you get Max punished. into tatsu does like 80 damage or something silly.


After I block a ken SRK x v trigger, whose turn is it?
Nvm, found a way to test it in training mode.


I didn’t switch to karin, i dropped sfv for now. Mostly due to things in life needed to be sorted. I have a good job in healthcare in all, but even with a degree i’m not content atm.


ok cool, I check for videos from time to time. saw you were playing her my mistake.


dont let your godly reactions dip. that’ll be a shame.


They aren’t anything godlike, it’s the accumulation of muscle memory and situational awareness. You practice them by being conscious of whatever “reaction” you want to develop, the learning process usually comes at the loss of points but it’s worth it in the long run if you’re developing a good habit.


anyone noticed any ken changes?


Some of the changes i would like Ken to receive.


cr HP , no more a CC normal

st MK-HK , not comboable to HK Tatsu unless its in VT

cr LK back to +3

cr MPxxVT , dont combo into cr HP unless its a CH

b MP-HP , dont come out on whiff , its a buff for awkward Mortal Kombatisque juggle combos or to AA if u have already used b MP and a nerf for hitconfirming after CH cr MP.Ken has plenty combo options or reset option after an Air EX tatsu and many options to AA

Overheads , back to S1 for start up and frame advantage on block/hit wise , i dont mind if they keep start up frames for thunder kick as it is and nerf the frame advantage.

LK Tatsu , startup 4f instead of 3f unless in VT, has always been so silly to wake up with Tatsu as a 3f move.

Tatsu HK-EX , trade damage/stun values with HP DP/EX DP accordinlgy since HK its the best meterless combo ender for oki and a great corner carry , besides DP its Ken’s signature move.
Fix the unintended floating after first hits of an HK Ttasu in VT.

EX DPxxVT , not an untechable knockdown set up opportunity.That should be a Gouki thing exclusively.Untechable knockdown for the first hits only if u dont use VT.

EX Hado , 0 on block unless in VT (hados are Ryu’s thing)

Super , startup 6f instead of 5f.Should combo from cr MP only when CH

VT , when u use Hado (except EX) drain meter (like Ryu does but less than him since its a 3bars Vgauge).Ken’s VT is Ken’s ham hunting combo time.
(dont know if this would be too much of a buff but when in VT i would give him his S1 air Tatsu (except EX) regarding hurtbox , it would consume meter each time u use air Tatsu (except EX) though)


st HK startup 13f instead of 14f

cr MKxxEX Hadoken , combo from max range

j MK , better hitbox to cross up now that annoying air tatsu has been nerfed?

Air EX Tatsu , +1 or +2 , while in VT+3

LP DP , juggle with something as reward like SF4 (this for all shotos)

MP DP , projectile invincibility for untrue blockstrings (same for Ryu and Gouki)

EX DP , more invincibility frames (Ryu’s and Necalli’s should be 4f startup as well , imo Ryu should have less invincibility than Ken’s)

Do something with Boxer’s hurtbox cause VS combos when in VT to LP DP , EX DP (except in the corner obviously) doesnt work on him

I believe he would work fine if they nerf to the same-or more degree the top tiers (Guile , Urien , Laura , Necalli , Cammy , Zangief , Boxer)


Yeah because Ken so clearly needs another pile of nerfs smh