Ken General Thread: Go with the Flow



Not mid screen / outside of trigger, no


I know we can only do it in the corner, but I haven’t hit it once since S2 dropped. smh…


If you tried so long, maybe you are right. Trust your execution.

In fact, in S2, m.tatsu doesn’t juggle with h.DP anymore. Only ex.DP. Even on VT.


That Momochi whiff punish from Topanga. It’s not hard to pull off against Gief’s charged s.HP


Next patch in “early March” = March 31.

It’s ok though: Season 2’s changes convinced me that Capcom is either ignorant of how goofy their meta has become, or is committed to making it ever goofier in the hopes that the goof will reach critical levels and transform from goofiness into intelligence.

I personally cannot wait for this patch and the exciting direction Capcom will take us to next; will it be rock paper, or paper scissors, or god forbid the most mindblowing combination, rock scissors???


It will be rock paper scissors shotgun, only the top five will have access to shotgun.


Mocha how would you feel about Ken if top tier stayed mostly like they are now and he was reverted to S1 beside the tatsu and ex.tatsu nerfs?

Do you think he would be around the top or top tiers are really that good?




Woshige spreading that Millia Rage love to every IP he touches: no brains, no neutral, just gogogo.

Woshige on SFV design: ‘One of the changes I wanted to see was a nerf to invincible moves’*


So that thunderkick nerf… :confused:


Yeah… Not a single fix on Ken’s own moves. And now another nerf.

And no overall AA jab nerf.

And Cammy got buffed again. And I quote patch notes:

  • That said, we did notice that Cammy’s EX Canon Spike sometimes missed in combos, thereby causing frustration for Cammy players. With this adjustment, players will now be able to use it more confidently in combos. *

how can something be more frustrating than this:

Thx Capcom. I’m not frustrated at all.


dude no fucking words. balrog barely received any changes but let’s nerf kens slow ass overhead. no fixes on his janky target combos…what exactly are ken players supposed to do? weak on the ground no air game can’t even use to counter poker because of how far it pushes back on counterhit.


A-a-at least we can MP DP AA again right?
(And inconveniently “slide” under and miss half the time)


going through this list I’m just like huh? cammy gets buffed. necalli no major changes. rog no changes, Rashid minimal changes. gief gets a counter. NERF KEN


I guess no one at Capcom noticed there is another safe overhead, and it’s airborne.



This. Because there’s no way to space it to make it somewhat safe (you have to be close to combo LK tatsu after), overhead combos are officially gimmicks now.

I’m hoping that the charge time increase slows down Balrog, but it seems unlikely.

The only interesting thing Ken got was invinc on HP shoryu, which is something we didn’t have in S1. Not sure if that gets us anything good, other than better AA at that range where MP shoryu might whiff though.


I’ll take the anti air over the overhead at least, yall can blame momochi for capcom not reverting some of his other nerfs.


Yeah. I think they think Ken is balanced like Mika and Karin because of Momochi’s and Eita’s performances so far.


The SRK buff is… interesting. Can’t wait to see how the new SRKs interact with Akuma’s air fireball


Capcom saying there was not enough risk involved is complete bullshit. the only situation where you get a set oki timing is off of CH sweep. all other situations where you can use the overhead is a hard read. there isn’t one knockdown situation where the overhead will cover both techs. so now when you land hk tatsu…they back tech you go for overhead they block it you’re going to get punished for it. might as well remove the damn thing. eating a balrog, urien or ibuki x factor is not worth the overhead.

ibuki keeping her overhead makes me salty I’m still salty from the season 1 b_mp nerf but cammy gets to keep hers. is it because ken’s tc into HK tatsu does 20 more damage than hers?


I’m hoping hp dp blows up things like thunder, kikoken and Rashid s tornado.