Ken General Thread: Go with the Flow



Seriously, everything announced just looks to be buffing offense, I really don’t get it! Wasn’t everyone complaining about set play being too powerful? I mean, props to that birdie player for winning over Tokido, but that wasn’t really impressive spamming a safe EX move. It’s not a hard read since there is no inherent risk to doing Birdie’s bullhorn rush move, oh, and he can basically DP and FADC once he has meter? Yeah, you maybe right, the tactical oki spacing game momochi is known for may very well be dead, smh…

I’m not sure I even like to play any other way.


As info trickles in, is anybody excited about Ken’s VT2 possibilities? According to the trials listing, you can combo after it in the corner, at least being able to juggle with EX shoryu (I’m guessing CA will work too).

The way I see it, VT2 could enhance Ken’s damage/stun in the corner in a big way, allowing us to capitalize on his great corner carry (and partially making up for losing/nerfing the throw loop). If VT2 allows Ken to kill while making fewer reads, it could be a nice boost for AE.


Have to wait and see…Really, the meta seems even more offensive based, and I was hoping for more defense and smart reads. But yeah, it’s 2-bar, hopefully that makes up for the weak-ish damage.


Anyone found anything good with the AE update? Messed around on training mode a bit and found that the second hit of TC2 still whiffs from max range and I didn’t even feel like playing any more lol


Yeah second hit on TC is a bummer, overall Ken feels largely the same…VT2 is the big new buff and it feels very situational with less utility than VT1. His walk speed is faster but without throw loops, I think he’ll die to top tier. We had S1, but I think the run is over guys. No wonder this place is dead now, they saw it coming smh…

Both Ken & Ryu looks outclassed atm…Time will tell


im not great at this game, and i havent played in a month…but it feels like wake up dp has changed…not in a good way…but the update is pretty cool…and im sure theres alot to uncover still


Nah it’s the same…still nerfed from season 1 lol


ahh…prob just placebo…i felt like the dp was getting stuffed more often when i was playing last night…


Played a bit more. The forward walk speed buff is actually pretty nice. However, it feels like the biggest buff is the increased damage to 2 hit tatsu. 2 hit tatsu is now a pretty nice confirm off mid range lights since it gives him much better oki than HP DP.


How is oki better off of MK tatsu? My understanding is that you get meaty pressure of HP DP by doing vskill after, same as you do after MK tatsu (by dashing twice).

EDIT: Just saw that you said “mid-range lights.” If you’re talking about the range where HP DP only hits twice, then yeah that makes sense.


So I only get 30 mins to an hour of play a day, so someone can test this more extensively.

But yesterday, I realised that s.LP,c.LK,s.LK now combos, at least on Cammy. If it works on all characters, it’s a pretty significant stealth buff, imo, since the string really stops people from holding back.


Yeah it seems to work on all characters. The bad news is that you have to be really really point blank. Problem is that most of Ken’s knockdown set ups don’t seem to leave him close enough. Even doing it after a HK tatsu dash, there’s a chance that the stand lk will whiff. So it’s not as good as I originally thought


Thunder Kick, LP SRK xx Shinryuken is probably the best use of Shinryuken. Allows you to get decent damage off Thunder Kick while saving meter for CA.

Edit: No, actually the best use for Shinryuken is probably as a confirm off s.MPxxHadouken. it’s really really consistent and feels like having an Alpha style level 1 super to tack good damage off a safe pressure string.

Starting to think that VT1 is the go to if you like having a strong come back option in the bag, but VT2 is the one that gives Ken more solid, consistent game plan.


For what it’s worth, I’m all-in on team VT2 as well. VT2, with it’s projectile-beating and whiff-punishing applications, really makes me feel more confident in the neutral game (plus it buffs his confirms as well), plus the fact that it’s 2-bar makes it a no-brainer choice for me.

The only thing I miss from VT1 is the buffed HK tatsu (which really isn’t that good anyway).


I’m going to have to see this in action man. I’m with Chris T this season, ken is pretty ass. It’s almost pointless now not to learn Akuma.


What, specifically, are Chris T’s complaints?

  • whiffs on counter hit
  • Tc1 & 2 just not being as reliable as S1

Mines personally

  • no longer 4 frames is unjustified as ken doesn’t have a 3 frame normal
  • EX Tatsu being that easy to stuff when Urien and Cammy’s aren’t
  • RH OH changed from -2 to -4 when other characters have soooo much cheaper stuff it’s ridiculous Ken was scary for like a month and then got nerfed immediately


@OmniCloud Yeah, I don’t deny that those are issues, but they aren’t specific to S3. As far as S3 is concerned, I can’t help but feel that Ken is overall in a better spot than he was in 2.5 seeing as how he got decent buffs and how a lot of the 2.5 top tiers got hit by significant nerfs (I had a chuckle when a Rog hit me with a v trigger combo the other day). I’m also enjoying the new MK tatsu a lot as I feel it’s really buffed Ken’s knockdown game quite a bit. Think there’s still a lot to explore/optimise with S3 Ken.

But that might be just me since I had a break after 2.5 was released. I can totally understand people who stuck with Ken through 2.5 feeling burnt out, disappointed, and just wanting to say “eff this”


So, it was also disappointing to see that the vt dive kick ex tatsu + on block buff that was listed never really made it into the patch.
Overall though, I don’t think s3 feels as much of an uphill battle as s2 was for ken due to a number of reasons.


Always used to lose to this guile. Now I’m seeing improvements!


Kens got a secret buff - his hp dp is fireball invincible after from 1 to the time he launches into the air, so now it’s possible to use it the same way birdie would to go through fireball from sweep range. Quite useful.

Also another thing is, cause of scaling, kens sthp crush counter combos do the same damage As crmp counter hit to TC1 combos which is pathetic. Matter of fact crmp to TC1 to mk tatsu to exdp flat out does more damage than sthp crush counter to tc1 ex dp. This is DAMN stupid.