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Hey Guys,

Im not a pro or anything, I play about an hour a day, every day and ive been playing for about a year. Ive mostly been playing SF2:HDR and just switched to 3rd Strike. I just have a question about Ken. Ive been playing around with him and doing cMK into super all the time for a basic bread and butter combo. But i was wonder is it better to:

  1. cMK -> Super 3
  2. cMK -> Hadouken -> Super 3

I can get them both out no problem but I’m not sure the difference between the two. Is #2 okay to use at max range? will it always hit 100% of the time just like #1 will? Which one scales better for more dmg? I know #2 hits from close every time but im just wondering on some professional help of which i should be using all the time.

Thanks Guys.


With a fireball does less damage but probably much easier to hit confirm with. I don’t really know as I don’t use the fireball regularly. Though, i have been known to use fireballs w/ super if I’m using fireball to poke at a distance.


I can execute the cMP -> Super just as easy so if it does less dmg, and its not safe at full range of the cMK it may not be worth it. You dont think its worth to do #2 and i shoul dbe using #1 100% of the time?


C.Mk xx hado xx SA3

easier execution
easier hitconfirm
slightly more meter build

room for error C.Mk xx shoryu (footsie input)
less damage xx hado generally unsafe


Thanks Guys.


Your logic in that prior post was spot on. You don’t need me to tell you what’s good for you. I will say that fireballs are terrible in this game for reasons to do with recovery. Even at max range, using a fireball at all means potentially leaving yourself open to quick reversals and long distance supers.


using hadou in between also has shorter range than just xx sa3. Also I know with Akuma when you are at the further end of your range, you have to cancel quickly so the super flash comes out before the hadou hits the opponent for it to combo. I’m sure this is the same with Ken.


It’s the opposite with ken actually. You have to hit the hadou to combo it.

Some characters can reversal the hado on guard so be careful.

It’s something to use but not a lot.

  1. cr mp x jinrai can be done as a link, its easy to confirm.
  2. cr mk x hadou x jinrai should be rarely used. this is useful sometimes because it helps in confirming, and also disrupts people trying to reversal super cr mk in the mirror match. really though i dont recommend using it if possible. like ryan said the hadou has to combo for jinrai to combo too so it will not work at max range.

these are ways you can “confirm” cr mk x jinrai is:
#1 situational confirmation (you see the start up/recovery of the opponents move)
#2 standing confirm (visually see that your opponent is standing, thus getting hit by cr mk)
#3 empty buffering (you do cr mk at a distance where only if they walk/dash/do a move will get hit by it. similar to #1 but not reaction based)
#4 DED (this has been explained to death on srk)
#5 point method (TM’s method of confirming cr mk x sa1 w/ Q. Point will increase in the 10’s place if the move hits)

keep these in mind. at this point you should just make sure you can do cr mp x jinrai, st mp x jinrai, cr lk x2 jinrai, cr jab cr lk jinrai, and back mk jinrai. these are moves you can without a doubt confirm 100%.

#10 hado jinrai usually doesnt combo anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes it looks like the hado is about to combo but the super freeze gives the opponent the extra frame or two to recover.

Anyway, BAD thing to do. Tons of better options for Ken.




First, I would advise against using Ken since 97% of people you face online only use Ken and it’s just boring and old. Same scrub shoto tactics all night long. Predictable and boring to fight against. I love destroying shotos with Duds, Buki, Hugo, Oro…

But, to be productive, stick with option 1 in your initial post. Or try:
cr.MK xx shoryuken xx SA
cr.MP xx SA
MP xx HP xx hadouken xx SA
cr.LK xx cr.LP xx cr.LK xx SA

You’re gonna get hate mail from me and others for being a typical Ken though, so expect that :wink:


Yes, we get it. You hate Ken. You hate shotos. Guess what. No one gives a flying fuck about what your opinion is on the Shoto trio.

You live in Oregon, right? You know either Mackenzie or Fatbear?


I’ll admit…I care a little.