Ken (HF, ST, etc): eggbeater tatsumaki?

i don’t know whether this is common knowledge or not, but could anyone tell me how to do this flukey hurricane kick variation more consistently? by “eggbeater” i mean his foot hits not only when it swings forward but when it swings back as well, basically doubling the number of hits and often priming for a dizzy. maybe it’s just one of those things that happen at random…? i dunno…

eggbeater hk is dope, but it only works on a couple characters and is easy to avoid with a crouch. you pretty much do the hk when the opponent is waking up so you are in the center of the opponents body. only characters i remember that working on was chunli,vega(claws) and bison(dictator). doesnt really work on anyone else. dunno bout the new characters on the super series… not worth doing

i haven’t tried it out yet but i at least know it’s possible to do it deliberately. thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re talking CPU then I think it works on Balrog (boxer) as well. You can get plenty of hits after a knowckdown. I think it works against Ken as well, but he’ll likely dragon you.

I remember it working with the air hurricane on the SNES console versions. You jump over them and do the motion the wrong way (FB+K) and do it close to the ground. I think you do crossup and cancel into it. I can’t really remember. Something to do with the back leg… if you hit with it, it knocks them towards you into the front leg and then they bounce back and forth trapped in the hurricane.

Either way, it looks pretty crazy. I was like O_O the first time I saw it against Rog. Always dizzied.

i remember doing it on snes by standing next to zangief and jumping back, J.roundhouse as soon as you leave ground cancelled into hurricane.

I was trying this earlier on HF and ST and couldn’t replicate it. best thing i could come up with was, HF j.roundhouse cancelled into hurricane for dizzy. but it didn’t go into eggbeater.


meh, fast post, but I believe in HF arcade you can do jump backwards fp xx HK on taller characters for eggbeater…not too sure about SNES version. works with jump back RH in corner against some as well i believe.

In SNES, best way is to get a knockdown hit like a dragon punch and do meaty HK on characters already mentioned. Kills CPU bison pretty easily.

Yeah in Champion Edition, if you got cought by the trailing side of Ken’s cyclone it used to suck you in towards the centre, literally draging you along with it or pulling you right into the centre where the eggbeater effect would happen: getting hit by the leg both sides (like Ryu’s Super Cyclone from the Alpha Games). The number of hits and positioning after the fact was quite random especially if the eggbeater effect took place but sometimes you could get lucky and land while the opponent was still in hit stun so you could go straight into the standing combo of your choice, generaly tripple Dragon!
Up until HF you had to rely on timing an opponent standing up into it, but in HF (well Euro home versions anyway) you could simply jump back and cancel into it for some masive re-dizzy combos. Thing is, its not in the Japanese Arcade version of Hyperfighting 921209, the us version 921209 (or any later version of SF). In these versions the trailing side of Kens cyclone kick knocks you away like any other normal hit not towards. Are there any HF versions not included in Mame, these are the two I have tested?
I know the suck in cyclone is the European releases of Megadrive( Genesis) and SNES HF but I don’t know about any others. Maybe it a console only effect accidentaly left in from CE?
Anyway many think you can only land this on tall characters but if your quick enough you can land it on everyone with the exception of maybe Blanka and Honda. Check out the Freedriver re-dizzy special video from Gamecombo’s to see it in action against Ryu.

The big question is does HF Ken in HSF2-AE have the suck in Cyclone, anyone? If so he’ll be stuggling with CE Bison for title of T.O.D master:evil:!


The eggbeater effect was only in the US CE arcade game (maybe the first version? I dunno how many there were) and not in Jpn CE or any version of HF aside from the SNES and Genesis ports.