Ken infinite on a standing sentinel

allright peeps i been fucking around with ken trying to do his infinite… i read about a couple of infinities on the web that are all fucken boguss, that dont even work. Well lastnight i found a true infinite with ken, on a standing sentinel! (Yay :eek: ) yes a standing sentinel, Please give me credit for finding and creating this out on my own, and shraring with the shoryuken community…

I have two variations

it goes, like this in the corner : j.lp, j.lp jhk

j.lp, j.lp jhp like ironmans infinite

Note: you must be jumpping up forward also you can rotate hk with hp :smiley:

now all you ken users can rape sent with no lube…

nice one, but you prolly won’t get cred… who knows maybe… not bad, it’s useful.

Is it the same rythym as IM’s infinite or without pauses?

how about j.lp j.lp j.hp down downleft(right) left(right)

Thanx man, u frikin ROCK!!!

You can also actually do a full magic series on Sentinel and finish with a Hurricane Kick before landing, and then repeat the process. So it would go:

(jump lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk, air hurricane kick) repeat over and over.

I’ve never tried your variations, but I could def. see how they’d work. I think my way would be easier because it takes all the waiting and timing out, plus they don’t have to be in the corner with this variation. But the way I see it, use your way…it makes it yours.

team shoto:

ken inf set up, corner: + akuma(y), , assist hits, j.lp .jmp xx lk tatsumaki…