ken infinite



how to ken infinite


1/2 Dozen videos on youtube showing ken’s infinite(s)…

its exactly how it looks… just the timing is strict.


so it up lk lp lp



maybe we salvage some use of this thread yet…



All three of his infinites.


ken’s infinite isnt that hard if you mean the corner version but it is really close to imposibel to have a solo setup and as long as you stay out of te corner can can do nothing against you …his supers are quite usefull but his launcer sucks balls … play ken and thanos is good cause so you can get them into your deadly tatzumaki …[media=youtube]EZbiwdLN2rE[/media] any partner that allows you to launch them is great for ken and i realy think you have to play ken 70% of the time to be abel to get his inf going on a good player … from time 2 time ,…as you can see when they are close to the corner a tag in can be a good way to set up his inf … use strider doom ken and combo ourobots into kenfinite …striders beta assist or even dooms rocks can be a setup 2 … but as i said stay out of the corner and you are save