Ken Light DP > Kara EX DP anywhere on screen

Did this just messing around in practice yesterday. Was never able to get the ex kara dp to come out consistently but it does work for about 230 damage.

The EX DP has to be done with f, df, f+mk(slight delay)+hp+lp. Any other combination will will cause focus attack to come out.

This can also be done as>cr.lpx2->lp kara dp->ex kara dp. This was very effective at pushing the dummy into the corner otherwise it doesn’t do significantly more damage than just ex dp.

If anyone has any tips on how to pull off kara ex dp please post, I’d like to try this out in a match but can’t land it consistently enough right now.

You can try to Kara with F+HK. You might not get enough range though … I’m not sure. So it would be:
:r::d:(:r: + :hk:) ~ (:lp::mp:)

I rarely use Kara EX SRK, but I use the same motion as you. So Kara L. SRK > Kara EX SRK works anywhere on the screen?

Yeah anywhere on screen. Regular lp srk works too u only need to use kara lp srk if you want to hit confirm with cr.lp etc.

Just tried it your way and it works and is much easier.

holy crap is this off any lp shoryu? Even AA lp shoryu’s? Shoryu juggles are just so damn fun to do ahah.

I’ve been following up early AA Mp.srk with EX in Vanilla for 240 dmg, don’t think that works in super anymore though.

good info thx

hmm. couldnt get this to wurk yet is it character specific? i jus found outmp dp will conect after lp dp in corner.extra damage if u dnt have the ex to burn

hhm 230 damage 250 stun not bad.but if u hit confirm it i dnt think its wurth it, but if u guess lp dp and it hits its wurth it. i think this shit is dope but not at all wurth it. its a lil dificult to pull but thats not the reason. u could jus hit confirm to ex dp for 200 damage or c.lp c.hp into dp will do more damage and stun so. thx for the info glad to see ppl dign for things and stuff like this is proly y ken is a tier in japan at the moment.but the c,hp is way more valuable. also i gt the kara ex to hit on sagt but not honda can any1 confirm that it wurks on evry1?
i could see myself doing this if i choose to wakeup lp dp lol if i see it hit go for the ex but then again jab dp could get beet out by other dps and jus doing wakeup ex wuld proly b the best dp if ur gona risk them blocking. if any1 figures out more situations plz post

Ok, I finally had the time to try this in training mode and IT WORKS! The L. SRK doesn’t have to be Kara, it just has to hit deep. It’s not good for combos, but really good for hit confirm reversal L. SRK to Kara EX DP.

This is the biggest find for Super Ken so far. Good stuff Parag0n.

P.S. I don’t like to Kara with RH overhead because the range is shorter compared to Step Kick. For L. SRK > Kara EX DP, I do Kara EX DP in this motion:

F, QCF -> hold forward slight pause MK ~ LP + HP

(Crouching Kara DP motion: D, DF, QCF -> hold forward slight pause MK ~ )

I’m really glad you brought this up. I’ve recorded Ken doing L. SRK > Kara EX SRK on Ryu and ran it through all the characters. These are the characters that didn’t work:

Adon, Cody, E. Honda, Guile, Hakan

It seems to be stricter on M. Bison and Zangief for some reason.

For those of you who don’t mind using macros this is a lot easier to pull off if you u use the RH version and punch x 3. So :r::d:(:r: + :hk:)~:3p:

i jus did lp to ex dp with no kara. can sum1 test this vs evry1 lol

You asking too much lol. I’ve done L. SRK > EX SRK on accident in mid screen, but it’s not consistent.

L. SRK > Kara EX SRK is guaranteed.

I called it. lol


It’s really easy with rh because you can use your ring finger on that and your index and middle on light and medium, so you don’t have to worry about warping your hand in order to do the move. It’s only good if you hit the lp.srk really close though. I’m going to try to get it in after, c.lp, st.lp,, ex tatsu shenanigans. Low recovery on the lp.shoryu makes this seem like a somewhat good hit confirm for good damage.

went back to this yesterday and its a very good tool

So wait, have you got it down consistently? And is it worth it A) on it’s own and B)comboed into. Also, if you anti poke with LP.DP will it work? And is there enough time to hit confirm it from a random?

ya i gt it down now. i only think its wurth it on its own.210 damage for fuckn with ne on wakeup. combod into is only wurth it in corner and thats ez mode anti poke up close will wurk but if u hit a from max range i dnt think it would work