Ken Masters / Juri avatar

Dear Savaii64,
i was so impressed with the last avatar that you made me that i would like to request your services once again. i still love this current avatar and i stare at it daily haha. in fact it has made me post more just to show it off haha. if this project interests you please respond.
p.s. i will still rock this ken avatar from time to time, its too awesome not to.

anyways here are the pics.
i would like juri to be on the left side (left side meaning if i am looking at it from my computer) and i would like ken on the right side.
i would like it to have a sexy feel to it. i dont even mind if shes touching his dick haha. i would like them to be close to each other like they are lovers.

i would like this to be the background…

thank you very much.

Youre really gonna make him cut that Ken out?

meh I made one cause I was bored :

:shy: Thanks for the kind words VC. :tup: I’ll give it a whirl, I like LBC’s work a lot. You should feel honored to wear it as well. :bgrin:


An attempt:

hey thanks a lot for your effort LBC. it looks great! i will be asking you to do my next one :wink:

that is sick!! i really like the lettering you used. yo man, you are the man man. thanks again! much appreciated.
if i end up not liking Juri then imma rock the other avatar you made me haha.