Ken Masters

Well its been a while…

yeh dude wrong place to post art… anywho your coloring seems waay better…but im disapointed that that has to be the only thing that you improved upon, i dont blame ya dude school is hardwork.


Hmmm… I like it. The musculature is well done, quite realistic and no overly detailed (would detract from the coloring). Hmmm… there should be some lines across his chest (near the junction with the shoulder… basically the top half of your chest muscles connect to the shoulder, so the bottom half of the pectoral muscles are kinda folded under the armpit and half of them sort curve up and over to link with the ?anterior deltoids?

Also, the legs are kinda big. But I do like the pic. Sorry for pointing out the negative stuff, I just can’t elaborate well on what I think looks right (most of the picture… oooh! The hair! And the face reminds me of that OLD SF2 movie). Hmmm… editing… I overlooked the clothes, the folds and angles are nicely done.

"Stoned"Knome:: Yeah, I have been slacking off, but I am working on it. Thanks.

SenoBDEC:: I see what ya saying. The chest area need to be rendered better, and now that sit back and look at this piece, the legs do appear to be slightly on the big side. I just have to watch out for that next time. Thanks for the comments.

Hey Hiten, long time no see. I’ve been gone for a while too. Anyway, your coloring has gotten much better. Your lines are good too. In my opinion you got Ken’s personality as well. Keep working on the art, buddy. :smiley:

heya Hiten…

been a while, good to see you’re still drawing :slight_smile:

Pic looks good to me, don’t have much to say except that Ken & the duffel bag don’t quite gel together for me… I’ll always see that as a Ryu thing (Ken’s rich, he can afford to have his luggage shipped around for him ^_^)

Colouring-wise, I like the shading on his thighs especially. Skin tone and hair look a bit off, though. Could be the green bg that throws me off, but then again what do I know about colouring…


Wildcat:: Hey buddy! Thanks for the comments. Yeah its been a while, Happy Belated birthday by the way.

Rook:: lol Yeah now that you mention it, your right! Ken is rich there is no need for a duffel bag. But yeah thanks for the comments. Glad to see another familiar name on the boards. :slight_smile: